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How to ignore a bully?

Asked by Swervy (107points) March 31st, 2010

I am being picked on by my neighbours and how do I ignore them? They pick on me and say my name in a rude way down the main street when they walk pass me on the other side?

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I’ve never found ignoring bullies to be very effective. Only one person ever actually tried it with me, but I was in a shit school so saw it happen to lots of other people. & from what I saw the passive approach just encouraged things further. The one time someone tried to pick on me I lifted him off the ground by his throat (I’d been watching alot of Halloween) & slammed him into a wall threatening to kill him. He, & no-one else, ever bothered me again.

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Best thing to do in my opinion is just be nice to them, act like it does not bother you. That is what they are looking for. They want you to be bothered and upset, kindness kills…they will eventually get bored if you show no negative response. As they say “Misery loves company”...don’t be the company.

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If you ever get your chance pop them one in the kisser. Bullies hate pain and a little chin music will send them the message they are messing with the wrong people.

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If I have a problem with smart asses (I have never been bullied) I look them right in the eyes and give a little smile but never acknowledge them or speak. . It pisses them off.

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They are right, you cant ignore a bully. You have to stand up to them, even if it means getting your ass kicked. You will have earned respect either way. If you let them bully you, you will be marked, and you will be bullied forever. Well maybe not forever, but you get the picture.

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Yeah, don’t ignore them, humiliate them.

Make them look like an idiot, whether with (clever) embarrassing insults or a slap in the face.

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Or at least walk over the street, right up to the guy and say,
“what?” ... “what do you want?”
he will come up with some lame smart-ass answer.
If you can’t one-up him with an insult, just say,
“What, are you like, 12?
“Is this how you make fun? Your life must suck if you do this for fun.
“Don’t you get embarrassed that people look at you and think ‘wow what a childish loser’...?”

Then, whatever he does, laugh at him for a while until he asks “what’s so damned funny?”
Then you say “oh man, its just that was so pathetic and ridiculous!” and leave whilst grinning at him.

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Tazer Gun !!
$25 bucks @ flea markets
*get’em on the Nads!! so he does not reproduce !

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“Ignore” them with a baseball bat! Mwahahaha! : D

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I like the advice above :D

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Have you tried Bear Mace? You can get it off ebay really quite cheaply.

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Have you considered breaking their nose with your elbow…on “accident”...?

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note to self: never bully anyone on fluther!

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Physical violence and humiliation is the only language bullies understand. Even an unsuccessful attempt at physical defense usually works, since bullies like easy targets.

I was bullied up to age 8. My father assigned a Marine Gunnery Sergeant to give me martial arts instruction. All attempts at physical bullying stopped shortly after. Being a Navy brat, I changed schools every two or three years, so there was usually one confrontation (and one damaged bully) at each new location.

Anything other than physical bullying, I just ignore. I’m used to being a social outcast.

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Take self defence classes, assertiveness courses etc, you cant jut walk away and ignore, they will try harder to get to you.

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Instead of being bullied, Be the bully! im only kidding.

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Befriend someone strong.

Learn martial arts.

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Get a bodygaurd.Find the biggest kid in school and pay him to protect you. Didnt you see the movie?

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