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Do you think the vacinne against influenza H1N1 can be harmful for us?

Asked by stevalente (30points) March 31st, 2010

Some people says that the vaccine has already caused deathes or other very bad consequences, do you think it’s true?

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I asked my doctor and he said “Let’s put it this way, I won’t have my children getting it. There is not enough information on the vacinne that would convince me to let my children take it at this time.”
That summed it up for me.

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The vaccine is only likely to be damaging if improper preservatives are added. Vaccines range from effective to too late. Every danger I have heard about in vaccines have been a result of manufacturing or preservation, not the weakened or dead virus they contain.

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I opted for the H1N1 before traveling to asia last month.
No reaction whatsoever, not even a sore arm. Feel great, no issues.

Might help can’t really hurt, and I am a middle pather between western and eastern medicine.

I also give the West Nile to my geese and it is now part of horses vaccination series as it can bring on equine encephalitis. Better safe than sorry IMO.

Look at the polio vaccinne…a few were harmed, many were spared a horrible and debilitating condition.

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Only if you’re allergic to eggs. Otherwise it’s totally safe.
And I had my child get it as soon as it was available.

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I have had the H1N and flu shot with no adverse reaction and no flue symptoms eventhough have been traveling all over the country in areas with various levels of infections.

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“Some people” say vaccines are harmful and we are ruled by a race of reptilian humanoids, including Queen Elizabeth II and Kris Kristoffersen. I am not kidding.

Vaccine safety is not an opinion. Who cares “what do you think”? Millions have been vaccinated without harm.

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@jaytkay 2012 man! NWO wake up! :P

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I got it a couple months ago when a church near us was giving them for free, and I haven’t seen any side affects. I’m terribly afraid of shots, and it didn’t even hurt, much less make me sick !

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@jaytkay I heard about the reptilians too. Considering her cold-blooded attitude I expect Sarah Palin is one of them tool.

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I would say no. If the disease isn’t going to kill, maim, disfigure or paralyze me, I dont need the vaccine.
I still remember them telling us we all needed to get the Anthrax vaccine and all the people who did said it sucked ass.

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It can be harmful to get the nasal vaccine (because it contains a live virus) if your immune system is compromised for any reason. Otherwise, no.

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It is perfectly safe but as is with any medicine or medication or vaccine people can have adverse reactions to certain components of the vaccine.

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@Captain_Fantasy as you age, flu and colds are harder to take. I’m in my 60’s and the small chance of complications from the flu shot is nothing compared with the week or two of suffering with full blown flu symptoms. Every flu or cold seems tougher than the last.

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It can be harmful to get the nasal vaccine (because it contains a live virus) if your immune system is compromised for any reason.

Where I got the vaccine, they had live and inactive vaccines. They asked a couple of questions to determine which was best for you.

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@jaytkay good point. My wife and I lucked out and got a free vaccine from the state. They gave and explained the choices and differences. We took the dead virus, neither of us even got the usual sore arm.

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@jaytkay Yup. I couldn’t get the nasal vaccine because I’m on immunosuppressants, but I got the shot, which contains the inactive vaccine.

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Do you mean as harmful as the horrible H1N1 plague that we were warned about last year?

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@Blondesjon Not sure if you’re being sarcastic, but we had several various serious cases of H1N1 in our hospital. One was a young pregnant woman who took weeks to recover.

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Do you think an ambulance carrying a suffering patient can be harmful for us?

Yes, it can. It can crash and kill both the driver and the patient. Should we give up ambulance cars? No, the benefits outweigh the risks.

The same goes for vaccines.

And making jokes about the recent H1N1 measures is like making jokes about volcano evacuations. Ten times it might not blow. But if it does, people are in grave danger.

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Old question, but still germain. We just admitted our first influenza patient to the hospital. It’s H1N1 and he didn’t get vaccinated. He also is a previously healthy 25 year old male.

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