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I think my friend is addicted to Xanax but she swears she is not because she isn't even taking her doc's recommended dosage, which is 3x per day. But sometimes she gets way stressed over her boyfriend and just takes a few. When I've had bad days, she has even suggested I try it, it but there is no way I will take prescribed meds like that. Does anyhow here know anyone addicted to this type of med (anti anxiety) and if so, how can I tell if she is addicted? We live across the US from each other.

Asked by Valhalla30 (317points) March 8th, 2008
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Xanax is like that if she is taking it with another prscribed drug like zoloft then she may not need the Xanax until she’s stressed. My husband takes both he doesn’t need the Xanax until something triggers his anxiety. I can’t understand but I don’t have those problems. I don’t think she’s addicted. Some dr. Say to only take it when it is extreamly needed. Hope that helps.

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the dossage usually prescribed is small. My friend who takes says its more of a comfort than an addiction. The process of taking the pill placebo or real puts her mind at ease. And thanks for the “head” bathroom answer

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she is addicted. Period

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if youre taking meds for that then you are probably addicted, I hate to tell ya

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But there’s addictions and then there’s addictions. One could say I’m addicted to my diabetes medication because I do need it to feel good. If she’s seeing a dr. for the stuff, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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I would not worry too much about it untill it either becomes destructive or she begins searching for the medication on the street. If she were taking an opiate based medication on a regular basis then I would be concerned as your body become dependant on them. All and all if its not affecting the people around her, or herself in a negative way then she should be okay.

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Please Listen, XANAX is an AWFUL AWFUL addictive pill and UpJohn is at fault for making the Benifits and Dosage to seam low and Reasonable. My Fiance is currently seeking treatment to get off this and all drugs associated with antidepressents. I myself have taken it and Honestly it does what it says Relaxes you. Addicts always will recomend they take a Xanax to calm themselves OR OTHERS DOWN!!! WShe offered it to me and I do not understand it. Untill I did some real real research. I asked several Doctors why they perscribe this medicine. They get BENIFITS if they do and upping the Dosage is another way to get BENIFITS. The Withdrawl is Terrible She Broke down and Cried because I took it away. ADDICTIVE is exactly what is is because it seems ok because the FDA and a DR say so. Pill Popping for depression is Not the answer. Proffesional help is what your friend needs. As my Fiance is in an In Patient care. She does not Drink (Wine at a dinner when we go out or a Pina Coloda on a Beach) No other drugs just this BENZO CRAP (Xanax)drugs and they rely on it for everything and up the dossage and become distant.

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