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How do I switch all my iTunes stuff onto my new computer?

Asked by sjg102379 (1245points) February 3rd, 2007
I just switched from a PC to a Mac. Is there any way to get all my music to make the switch also?
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Um... if your computer is on a home network you can drag your music folder from your old PC to the the music folder on your MAC. That's all that you really have to do. But you have to set up sharing to allow your PC and MAC to share files.
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If you don't know how to set up sharing, you can drag the music folder on your old computer to your iPod, then pop that into your mac and drag it onto your mac. If you do this correctly, everything will transfer over, including your datd on iTunes such as song rateings and pictures.
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You can take a longer route....Set your Ipod up as a hard drive (or use something else as an external hard drive) Put your files on the hard drive then move the hard drive to your new computer.
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Also check on the apple website...they have might have information on moving your files from a PC to a mac
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The easiest way to transfer the files is to connect both the pc and mac to the same network.
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On the mac you can go to the Apple logo in the upper left, select system preferences, and select Sharing
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Enable Windows sharing.
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It will give you an IP address to type into the windows machine.
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On your windows machine go to the top menu (file, edit, view, etc) and select Tools --> Map Network drive.
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Type in the IP address that the mac gave you.
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You can now drag and drop anything to your mac.
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Well when I switched to a mac, I used an external harddrive. If you have an iPod that will suffice, if you goto folder options in an explorer window, I think on the second tab you can turn on ‘show hidden folders’ and when you click on the iPod you can access all of your music from an explorer window in folders with the names of something around F01-F49. If you do it correctly then you can just drag and drop on to your mac, now I used this with Tiger so it might be a little different now.

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All you do is download iTunes to your new computer and click on iTunes store. Go to iTunes account or something in the top right corner and enter your stuff and all stuff bought from iTunes will be there.

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