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Ever felt like you are being watched?

Asked by ChaosCross (2340points) April 2nd, 2010

That eerie feeling when your hair stands up and things seem wrong? Have you ever experienced this? Where and why?

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Yep, I’ll tell you a story…

One day my buddy and I were having a strange day. Weird things kept happening all day and phone calls constantly with just breathing on the other line.
We went for a bike ride and happen to stop at a deserted trailer. We lived in a trailer court at the time. We thought it would be funny if we rang the door bell. We parked our bikes and walked over. PUSH. . . . . . Then we heard a real loud demonic growl. We ran back home leaving our bikes there.

That trailer was deserted and a lot of weird shit happened there, so we might have been asking for trouble, but it scared the shit out of us that day. I got more, but ya know….

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Oh gosh yes! I get the feeling often.

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yes I do, I turn around, and my cat is watching me intently.

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Yes, especially on fluther.

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There’s good business. In making sure everyone is being watched. Whenever possible.

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All the time. I never knew I was this popular but I like it.

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It’s how I know it’s spring whenever I walk outside lately.

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@aprilsimnel our high today in co was 25* spring has yet to srung here:(

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Ive done this before….

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lol, who hasn’t?

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@Axemusica can you please tell us more?

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I used to imagine this all the time when I was a youngster. I thought somebody was making a movie of my life. I would sometimes look quickly out the window of a darkened room trying to catch them in the act. (Didn’t work.) I was pretty sure there were movies because I could see them behind my eyes when I went to sleep.

It’s been a while, though, since I had this impression.

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Geico money is always watching me.

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Yes, even when nobody was. Q: who’s watching the watchers?

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I get this if I am ever at home on my own and it’s late at night.
If I get to thinking about a horror movie or book I read, even if it was a while ago, it’s enough to get the hairs on the back of my neck standing up.

Sometimes my cats, if they are sitting on my lap, continually stare at something behind me, which scares the shit out of me especially when I am home alone, there is never anything behind me when I turn around… so eerie.

When I am walking down a lonely path even in mid-afternoon, if it is really quiet, I start looking behind me, and once I start I can’t stop,

I must look like such a spaz.

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A little paranoia’s healthy.

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@TheOnlyException My cats are the first line of being able to detect other visitors.
Have you ever just tried to allow yourself to quiet down and listen deeper when your kitty alerts you? They have a special night vision, and I think they can see more types of light spectrum than we can. This happens to me every day and night with my cats for the past few years.
It makes me think this is why the Ancient Egyptians worshipped them, besides their healing and comforting purrr and their stunning beauty and grace. Well, and besides they are willing to always do some light mousekeeping duties!!!

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@OneMoreMinute they have a special night vision, and I think they can see more types of light spectrum than we can
that’s really interesting.
do you mean you think they can see almost ethereal things, but just, of course, cannot tell us about it? because I have often wondered this when I am feeling rather superstitious about animals.

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@TheOnlyException Oh yeah, here’s an earful!!
Cats have several senses that they use quite effectively.
They are nocturnal hunters. Those mysterious cats eyes! They are purrfect stalkers.
Self cleaning.
Their hearing is way more sensitive, their smell is far more sensitive, and their instincts. Those whiskers are sensors. Their sense of agility and balance is stunning!
They know how to naturally give birth.
Everything about the Cat totally fascinates me in the sense that they are these amazing animals. My imagination loves to hear them purrr.
And I never have rodents in my home. They also catch bugs too!

They are my personal Homeland Security team. They also let me know to be on special alert, if someone comes to my home, and my cat hisses right at them, I know there’s something off with this person. They have a sense about toxic people. And they have always proven them to be right.
They can spot a person who hates or fears cats from being scratched or bitten when they were younger, and they seem to go right up to this person, with their friendly like manor as if to comfort them. Then the person with cat issues starts to get all bent out of shape! I find this fascinating, they can detect other peoples fears!

By the way, I have Bengals. They are a hybrid cat from the Asian Leopard breed and domestic.
I so love and adore my jungle cats! :-)

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@OneMoreMinute Bengals? WOW that is amazing!
I’m quite happy with my two little tabbies ;)

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@TheOnlyException WOW MEOW! lol
And if they had Fluther accounts, one would be, MadamFurball and the other WhoDaCat?
Tabbies are great cuddly fun company and very smart too!

to answer your Q, Yes, my cats see and sense so many things that I don’t yet, sometimes it’s almost like they are my supernatural seeing eye dogs! She is training me more and more.

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mine would just be Snowy and Rainy. :-i (when I first got them my parents refused to let me call them Cheese and Ninja.. no joke..) haha

It is quite cool to think they can see supernatural beings. I like to think that they see them but don’t see them as something worth warning us about, i.e.
, they think we see them too.
plus they don’t really warm to their presence (so they treat them more like furniture than humans) so thats why they aren’t spending all their time figure 8-ing around an invisible beings legs lol

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@TheOnlyException @OneMoreMinute so now I feel im being watched by supernalural beings. lol

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@oreo45 serves you right
your name makes me hungry :)

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@TheOnlyException ironically, thats my cats name :)

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@oreo45 please tell me its at least brown and white?
(the roundness is optional haha) ;p

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Hes black and white and quite round….and sweet.

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Aww. Mine are just boring and ginger humph

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Always, especially when for some reason I’m in one of the really old dorms on campus alone. There’s one where there’s a campus urban legend that a girl killed herself (one variant is that anyone who stayed in there killed themselves); the window is bricked up and the door to the room has clearly been covered over by a wall. Even though I know the real story about it (they broke a wall down to enlarge a maintenance storage room and closed up the other entryways) it still gives me the creeps any time I’m in that hallway.

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