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what do girls find attracting

Asked by beenzy7 (51points) March 8th, 2008 from iPhone


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I like a man who is ambitious, motivated, high morals, a leader, someone everyone likes to be around, a good role model for kids, someone I can trust, someone who does the right thing – even when no one is looking, makes an honest living, is confident, no drugs, no addictions, no alcohol abuse, not weak minded or easily influenced, and of course someone I find extremely attractive physically. Chemistry is a MUST ;-)

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Not a girl, but if I were to hazard a guess, good grammar and hygiene rank pretty high. Thanks Riser for the lookup btw-you’re fast becoming a power user here :)

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valhalla30, good luck finding that guy, cause he don’t exist, ur expectations are ridiculously high

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Hmmm I think it’s completely reasonable to find someone of those qualities and no woman should settle, so maybe I’ll be alone for awhile…that’s cool :)

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a guy who has good taste in shoes. That is honestly the first thing I look at, then teeth.

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@Cake: if you saw a guy walk in wearing Diesel shoes what would you think?

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that’s plus. There are alot of great shoes out there.

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I don’t think Valhalla30’s expectations are too high. Personally it seems like most people’s are too low.

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Valhalla if u find a Guy like dat that wont cheat on u i’ll give u 25,000 pasos LOL


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Pesos? That’s not putting much money where your mouth is when you’re talking to an American.

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Do u have a sense of humor

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was just kiddin

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@valhalla. Guys that meet all of those requirements already have boyfriends. Good luck!

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@cornman: nice

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