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How can I stop my week old beard itching?

Asked by welshcake (6points) April 3rd, 2010 from iPhone

Hi, I’m growing a beard, I’m a week in and it’s itching like hell, what can I do to make it stop….besides shaving it off! Ta!

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I had the same problem the first time I grew a beard. What solved it for me was scratching upwards – instant relief in my case.

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Use vitamin E oil. (It will stop by itself after a few more weeks.)

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Beard grower to beard grower: man up. It’ll pass.

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I would follow the advice of @DarkScribe. He is obviously a beard guy, and since he is old there’s a good chance he has many years of facial hair experience.

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@FutureMemory He is obviously a beard guy, and since he is old

Old? I am ancient – why I remember once when Spartacus asked me for advice about… Hmm – I must be getting old – I have forgotten what I was talking about.

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Nana is that you?????????????????????

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Try wearing a neck brace for 30 days and not shaving. women do not have this problem, but men do. as your hair grows out and under the neckbrace, the itching begins and will drive you crazy. the best solution if have found, is hand sanitizer. the best is Purell with Aloe. for some reason, this combination makes the itching stop dead in its tracks. also, taking a benadryl helps.

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An ex of mine had this problem. We bought him this cream at the drugstore its an oderless anti-itch cream… It worked very well for him. Just ask someone, or look up anti-itching products.
Also what @DarkScribe suggested is a good idea as Vitamin E is really good for your skin.

With my ex the itching stopped after about a week or so by itself, but in that time the cream and things really helped. (He eventually shaved it into a goatee anyhow 0_o I was thrilled…)

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a good combing never hurts either

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Try a nice oily salt or sugar scrub. You can make your own. Take some table salt, add some ⅓ almond oil and ⅔ canola oil (you can put in a few drops of lavender essential oil if you like) Mix enough salt in so that there is no oil settling on the top. When you take a shower, grab a handful of this and rub it into your hairy face.( I use this as a body scrub) This should carefully remove the dead skin cells that get in the way of the hair growth as well as moisturise the skin and soften the hairs. You can get fancy and use jojoba oil if you like, but I like canola because it’s a semi-dry and doesn’t feel sticky or like you have to wash several times after you use it.

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@bob_ Got it. The only thing that truly helps is the passage of time. As you become more and more accustomed to growing a beard, it’ll be significantly less itchy.

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I’m with Bob; if you are groring a beard like a real man than you should already have the correct testosterone level to grow a pair as well! The itching is good – it means you are alive.

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