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do any women have advice on chest support?

Asked by toolaura4ya (275points) March 8th, 2008 from iPhone

I have a large chest sms cannot seem to find a brazeere that is both sexy and supportive, any advice?

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Hmm, can only recommend one good for exercising – Enell sports bra. Oprah recommended it!

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Oy, I just go to victorias secret and have them help me find something that provides support. But one more cup size up and they won’t have anything for me. :(

I’m sure someday i’ll get a reduction.

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I wear d cup now which is way too small but its hard finding bras when you are big busted.

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Ya it’s no fun. I am 5’3” and of slight frame and cursed with something only guys appreciate. I’d go for reduction in a heartbeat :/

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I was going to write basicly what delirium wrote lol. Yes vs is good. They even helped me find a bra when I was huge and pregnant.

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my mother got a reduction. She went from DD to small B and I’ve never seenher happier.

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you can wear so many more clothes because of it! I would be happy too!

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LOL that made me think of superbad. I agree I want a reduction too.

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yeah my chest hurts and gets extremely swollen before my menstrual cycle. I also get back pain fairly often.

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I have fibrous breasts so they feel lumpy before that time of the month which is really quite strange to me and makes me feel uneasy.

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Ugh, yeah, i’m a DD, and I hate how many cute things I can’t wear because of it.

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yeah my boss pulled me into her office at work and told me i need to start covering up more. But you know if a smaller girl wascwearing the same shirt there wouldn’t be an issue. What causes someone to lose their sense of professionalism due to a minimal amount of breast exposure?

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when you have large breasts they aren’t easy to hide; as much as we would all like, we can’t make them dissapear.

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I understand that WAY too much. Its the most annoying thing ever.

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Here are some other POV’s on bras, from women older than you. See “siblings” on right of this window. Anyone who can design a really perfect bra will win the Nobel prize.

Bra thoughts

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we want what we can’t have, in this case I’ve got small boobs… But wouldnt want huge ones, just a cup size bigger

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maybe you should try wearing a sports bra or something… good luck wearing a cute top with large breasts and no back pain

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I have a large bust, but am also plus-sized. I wear bras purchase at Lane Bryant when they were still paned ny the same company as Victoria’s Secret.

A website that has an extensive selection, detailed descriptions, and user reviews is although I haven’t ordered bras from them yet.

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well I went from a small a to a DD I love them and I have found that Fredericks of Hollywood has really cute bras that are so comfortable and they have so many styles to choose from. But that and Victorias are the only place I can even find my size. Its expensive but I love the fact that my top matchesu bottom now. Also they have minimizing bras too my friend gets hers there all the time.

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