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Can losing your virginity (vaginal and anal) be unpainful?

Asked by evry1luvzaazngrl (268points) April 4th, 2010

My friend just lost her virginity after trying to save it for marriage…haha she made it at 21. Anyways, she said her first time was amazing and that she orgasmed three times! It’s really hard to believe…and she said it was not painful at all. She also tried anal because she didn’t do oral sex…and she said it felt really odd but not painful at all. She did mention he was small, but I always thought that even if small it’d have some kind of pain…?

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lube, lube, and more lube (KY and such) = minimal to no pain = pleasure

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Taking things slowly and carefully with a lover who is respectful and patient should result in a pleasant experience that will involve little or no pain. There should be no pressure on you to do anything that does not appeal to you. Don’t be afraid to try different things when you feel ready and when you have confidence in the relationship.

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Sure, if you get an epidural.

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I don’t understand how lack of oral somehow gave her the desire to try anal?

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@FutureMemory i was a little confused there, maybe she thought, “Well I didn’t suck his dick so I better let him fuck my ass to keep him interested!” haha

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It’s obviously possible since she said it happened. Sometimes the hymen is already ruptured accidentally prior to first intercourse.

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It’s all about positive attitude and sounds like this dude had plenty of it!!

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…...painless? possible.

….. disappointing? inevitable.

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Well my first time, it was her’s too, there was really no time for pain it was over in the blink of an eye,sigh.Practice makes perfect though.

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Sure it can be painless, in fact my first time didn’t hurt either..! =) It wasn’t as great as your friend’s experience though, I didn’t come at all.
My first time anal did hurt though, it felt like my own shit attacing me and trying to get inside of me agian =S Like when you go to the toilet and take a really good dump and you’re like “aaaahhh..” exhaling, that feeling but reversed. I swear to god.

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A man’s daughter came to him, all excited. Her Greek boyfriend had proposed marriage and she was going to accept.

Her father, knowing the reputation of Greek men told her, “Honey, I’m happy for you. But there’s going to be a time when he wants you to, you know, turn over, when you’re having sex. But don’t you do it! Promise me.”

“All right daddy,” she promised.

After they had been married for a year she went back to her father. She said, “Daddy, he’s asked me to ‘turn over’ for sex several times, but I always kept my promise to you and never did it that way. But I think it’s time to go ahead.”

“Absolutely not!” her father roared. “My daughter will not have sex that way!”

“But daddy,” she wailed, “we want to have children!”

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the hymen can rupture (supposedly) through rough sports, horseback riding, all kinds of things. i know for me, i had sex for the first time and it was painless. maybe due to having been fingered on several occasions prior?

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oh and for anal, if the guy used lube and his finger and went really slow, yes it could be relatively painless.

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“Mmmm, mmmmmpphh! Mmmmmmm!”

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um,... it was bloody excruciating for me, possibly one of the worst experiences of my life, which is why one should always do it with someone who loves you very very much.

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This is probably TMI but the first time I had sex was painless. The second time…not so much. Apparently the first guy had a really small penis and didn’t break my hymen. I had no idea! So, maybe you’re friend had a small weinered guy like I did the first time.

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@knitfroggy Maby that’s why my first time didn’t hurt either, I had a small weinered guy too =P

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I’ve heard stories like this but never from anyone I personally know irl. Me, I can’t imagine how it would have not been painful, I tried everything I could think of and suggested but, no go.

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As far as vaginal, each woman is different. The hymen can go from being thick enough that a doctor needs to do a bit of an office procedure before sex is even possible to non-existent. If you are afraid, and do not need ‘proof’ of virginity, your doctor can take care of the hymen painlessly.

Other than that point, it depends on your partner. I waited until I was 40, and did not regret it. Arisztid was and is, amazing. When your partner cares more for your pleasure than his own, any pain you end up feeling is so lost in the pleasure it is not remembered.

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Hm, I didn’t think they hymen had anything to do with it being painful or not. When I was first (sorry if too much info) fingered by my boyfriend I think he broke it cuz later I was bleeding. But even though it was broke, and we did it for the first time it still hurted.

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@Keysha that really is beautiful

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comparison: my ex boyfriend who i lost my virginity to had a smaller penis than my current boyfriend. losing my virginity to the ex hurt a little, but no worse than it sometimes hurts with my current bf because he’s on the bigger side and if i’m not wet enough of whatever, it can be a little uncomfortable. but it’s VERY rarely bad enough to the point that i would say it’s truly painful. then again, i think everyone is different and one person’s experience might not be any help or relevant at all to another persons. i think it has a lot to do with if your hymen has been broken before. i never bled, but i hear a lot of girls do…so who knows.

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My first time didn’t hurt one time. I didn’t orgasm my first time (or at all through vaginal sex for years). My first time trying anal hurt like hell.

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@whyigottajoin I swear to god your first post was just about the funniest thing ive ever read!

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@JeffVader lol thanks! I was just being honest.. =P That’s actually what said to my bf when he asked how it felt (afterwards).

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@whyigottajoin Hahahahaha, I bet his face was a picture…... & I imagine thats not what he was expecting to hear at all :)

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