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What do you think of the vampire?

Asked by olina (58points) April 4th, 2010

I am watching the Vampire Diary.I like it very much.Do you believe that there is vampire in the world ?If there is ,what do you think of it?Will you treat it as a sanguinovorous and wicked monster?Or you think it is a kind of organism,just different from our human being ?You know, eh,it’s just a little different!

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I do not believe in vampires. I have no reason to believe they exist. I have tried to read Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice – for whatever reason I can’t seem to get past page 200 or so without losing interest. She’s a good writer though, maybe I should give it another go?

Further contemplation of your question has been a little unnerving, as I realized two traits of mine could be considered vampire-like: I often stay up late, and I have been known to gnaw on women’s necks. Alas, I draw the line at wearing capes and shaving my hairline into a widow’s peak. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, for the greater good of humanity) I’m a vegetarian so I’m not into drinking the blood of animals…human or otherwise. I also have yet to gain the ability of flight, something that I have always found intriguing (hopefully I wouldn’t meet Icarus’ fate though…scary).

If such a creature is proven to exist I would probably lean towards the classification of “wicked monster” that you suggested. I really hope I’m not one of these scary things!!

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I don’t really feel that anyone who more mature than a fourteen year old has any interest in vampires. It seems to be very much a teenage girl thing if you look at the type of ads that accompany those ubiquitous vampire TV shows, they are all aimed at tweens or young female teens.

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I don’t believe vampires exist, but they are truly one of my most favorite mythological creatures aside from dragons. No I’m not a teenager, not even close…but I was always into vampires ever since I was a little kid. I’m not to fond of what Twilight has done to them though haha. Vampires aren’t sparkly creatures they are bloodsuckers, cold blooded ambush predators. When I was a teen which was about 20+ years ago I was into the Vampire of the Masquerade which was pretty neat, I loved the way World of Darkness portrayed them. Anyways I don’t believe they truly exist, at least not in the sense in which we picture them, but they are pretty cool lore.

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I do believe there is a “vampire” movement and some people today are following it right through. For example there is the beautiful art work, I think it is called “dark” which centres around vampires. Plus the regular films they make and TV Programs. Plus somehow the Gothic has enter-wined with the vampire concept and certain looks have emerged. Some people have now incorporated into their foreplay too. By actually drinking blood from each other. So based on my last sentence yes there are plenty around.

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I’m interested in vampires of the original variety as told in folktales. Not the new Rico Suave ZOMG Imma Sex You But In A Really Slow And Mildly Depressed Fashion Vampire.

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They are bats.

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Relics of a bygone age, fangs for the memories.

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I was fond of the old vampires. I’m not too sure about these new fangled ones. Especially ones that get all sparkly.

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There are plenty of vampires lurking around in real life. That is there are plenty of energy vampires.
These people love to incite others to negativity, and then they feed off the negative vibes emanated from their victims.

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Seriously? Do people really think vampires are real?
My advice to any vampires believers is to stay in school.

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Im so sick of vampires and the way they do their hair.

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I personally think us humans have very vivid imaginations to conjure up such a beast, they do say however there is no smoke without fire, take the medieval knights of old who returned from far off campaigns talking of giant lizards (Dragons) that consumed man & horse, years later it was realised that these beasts did exist in the form of crocodiles etc, there is in fact a bat that is a blood sucker,

So you see there is such a creature, as far as human form though I suspect there are & have been many cases of individuals who have claimed to be such creatures & followed the occult perceptions of such a being as far as they possibly could, there are I suppose many cases of mentally disturbed individuals too who have been afflicted by vampirism so I guess we can’t just dismiss their existence out of hand, the same could be said of the devil & god & there seems to be a lot of people who believe they exist!! :-/
I like to keep on open mind myself on such things, there are some very colourful people in the world, no doubt some who claim to be the real deal, maybe they are??? :-/

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I don’t think they are real. If they’re real, I’m sure they will take over the world or something. Or they’re just in POLITICIAN form.

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@opalea I thought they were lawyers?

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I would say that the only vampires that exist are financial executives and lawyers. The suck the financial life out of all of us and the lawyers suck the fun out of things. The only thing they fly are private jets.

If you believe in other creatures, you need to stay in school.

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@mrentropy I really don’t know anymore, mate.

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