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Would you know what it could mean if you see someone in your dreams all the time, and you are being intimate, but you're not thinking about the person at all?

Asked by darby_shaw (116points) April 5th, 2010

i wanna know if this could actually mean something. or if there’s a message that’s being put across.

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ask them and report back!

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There’s not necessarily any message. Often times characters in our dreams are not who they look like. The characters stand for sides of yourself. So this could be more about being “intimate” with some part of yourself than anything else.

I can tell you for virtual certainty that this is not a message from this person. As far as I know, there has never been a single shred of evidence for mind reading. That’s what would have to happen for the person to appear in your dreams.

These dreams are about intimacy, I think. But, unless you know this person well in real life, the dreams are not about intimacy with the person you don’t think about.

If you know the person well, then the dreams can be wishful thinking. I.e., a sign from your subconscious that you are interested in this person. It is not, as I said, a sign from the other person.

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It means that you’re probably a man—and not yet a mature one. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you asked, and I’m just sayin’.)

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so it could be that i am interested in that person?

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@darby_shaw it could be that you’re interested in sex.

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Sometimes it means that you want to improve your relationship, or feel closer to that person in your waking like. And this can mean any kind of relationship, work, friendship, family….anything, not just in a romantic sense.

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@j0ey – right. could be. so what should i do?

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It could be you are subconsciously interested in the person. But are you consciously interested in the person? If so, it’s the same as for any situation—invite the person to spend time with you. I would prefer it were a socially redeeming thing you spend time together doing, not a movie or dinner or whatever, but it’s up to you.

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“could this actually mean something? or is there a message?”

ask the person you’re dreaming about, just ask i mean unless you work with them, or they’re a child, because that’d be creepy and/or illegal…

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@darby_shaw spend some more time with this person….just chat to them. I would say your dreams will stop after a while at least

It is for this reason that people who are straight will get freaked out about having a sex dream about their best friend and stuff like that.

It doesn’t always mean you want their goodies in waking life…most of the time you know you should be spending more time with this person.

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@wundayatta , @unique , @j0ey – thanks a lot! will do what you advised. :-)

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@darby_shaw I agree with @wundayatta in the sense that this is about you, as opposed to being about the person you’re dreaming about.
I think dreams & the people/objects, etc in them represent parts of ourselves.
I don’t advise going to talk to the person ;)

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@stardust yeah not if it is someone you dont know at all. But if you have a pre-existing relationship, then yes you should talk to them/spend more time with them…and your dreams will stop.

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Its not your conscious, problem solving brain thats doing the thinking on this one

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I dont know. I have had dreams like that but dont read too much into it.

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