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What is Crayola's annual income?

Asked by benchaos (64points) April 5th, 2010

Class project—although they do not disclose the information, does anyone know of somewhere that lists how much business they do a year.

I don’t want to know how many crayons, I want to know monetary figures here.

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If you cannot find the information through corporate filings or publicly disclosed information, you may wish to turn to industry analysts and experts who estimate this sort of thing.

You could also look at a public competitor and see if they’ve disclosed their estimate of how much market share they have as well as what that is worth. You could then work backwards and estimate Crayola’s based on estimated market share of Crayola.

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“Crayola is a privately owned company and does not offer an annual report to the public. Most of our financial information is considered proprietary. To learn more about Crayola, please visit the About Us section our site. ”


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Lots of money for the color blue, I know that.

Yellow however is not nearly as popular with the kiddies…

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You can make a thought experiment out of it and with some educated guessing come pretty darned close.
From small companies to large the typical annual sales for a company is around 150–250,000 per employee. Find out how many employees and you will get a predictor of their sales.
Make an estimate of how many boxes of crayons a typical family with kids buys in a year. Then estimate how many don’t have kids, figure a ratio between the two and multiply by the number of families.

You will be close.
Oh I see that @bob came up with an answer while I was distracted. Try the above estimates anyway and see how close you come.
I’ll do the 200k per employee trick. 675M/200k = 3375 employees. How close was I?

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@bob_ From the first link: ” the company’s Lehigh Valley work force, estimated at 1,200. About 500 corporate employees are based in Forks Township.”
But they have 3 locations. It would be fun to see if they included Silly Putty in their sales figures.

From the second link dated 2006 it indicates there are multiple facilities.
“Manufacturing Facilities
Easton, Pennsylvania
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Mexico City, Mexico”

If they only have 1700 employees for sales of $675M, that comes to $400k per employee! For a manufacturing company that is very profitable indeed.

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@worriedguy The power of marketing.

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The figures are a little sketchy, a shady business this.Someone may be able to fill in the blanks.

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@bob_ And they taste great too.
300 M people in the US. 1 box per family per year, some families buy more some not at all. Typcal family 3. Box of 4 crayons costs $2. Box of 120 costs $10 . Assume $4 for normal 32 box
Let’s assume average box of 4 as average for all families. $4×300M / 3 = $400M annual sales
Add Silly Putty @ $1 per family per year for gift – 1 300M/3=$100M Total sales $500M.

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They operate worldwide.

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I don’t know what their annual income is, but it is sure to be quite colorful.

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I would imagine that they are… ahem… in the black.

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I could wax lyrical about this but i’d only be guessing.

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Hope this helps, the pages are a bit fuzzy, but financials clearly state the US turnover to be around 450 Million USD in 2008. And I think the other graphic is international results which seems to be around 900 Mill. And there are also per share earnings…

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Wow! Check out my estimate for sales in my “answer above“ I came up with $400M for crayons and $100M more if you add Silly Putty. Total $500M
@cattr70 came up with the answer from the corporate report—> $450M

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