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What is pocket wisdom?

Asked by Draconess25 (4448points) April 5th, 2010

What is pocket wisdom? The term just popped into my head, & I don’t where it came from.

My girlfriend says:
It’s the kind of wisdom, that whenever you’re really bored one day, & you’re digging around in your pants pockets for something to, you find down in the very bottom of your pocket. It’s like one of those paper fortune thingies you find in a fortune cookie, & you pull it out, & you read it, & you’re thinking, ‘Hey, that sounds smart!’. And you call it POCKET WISDOM!!!!

What do you think pocket wisdom is? Because I have no clue.

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Makes sense to me! Just don’t think that you have Quotation Wisdom. Quoting at people to make your point doesn’t make you smart, it shows that you’re incapable of independent thought.

Pocket Wisdom is much better. I will steal the word ;)

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Sounds like somtehting I’d expect to hear from my grandfather. I can actually picture him sitting by a lake with his fishing rod saying something like “son, I got a bit uh pocket wisdom for yuh today, s’listen close.”

I’d equate it to an elevator pitch, except when someone corners you with it, you find it insightful rather than annoying.

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I think it’s about little profound blips, sayings, such as ’ early to bed, early to rise’ etc.

Key bits of wisdom, easily remembered, in your pocket so to speak. Maybe thats just my right brained interp.

The old ’ bird in the hand’ routine…

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I think its a publication of wisdom about a topic that you can carry around in your pocket, to pull out when needed.

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Small books packed with “wisdom” on a subject matter…

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I would imagine it to be little nuggets of wisdom that you can (metaphorically) reach for easily and pull out as needed. Maybe they don’t go very deep, and maybe they’re not big, big ideas, but they serve the purpose. Folk proverbs, for instance, and aphorisms such as “Penny wise, pound foolish” and “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” I would think “pocket wisdom” might be a handy term for things like that.

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Quotes people collect during their lives which ring true.

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