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I may be an idiot but I have no idea how to use the search function in windows 7.

Asked by anartist (14808points) February 29th, 2012

Will someone please help? Oh how I miss the scruffy search companion mutt and nice clear questions like “all or part of the file name [wildcard * accepted]” or “how big was it” or “when was it written” or “a word or a phrase in the file name”—- Nothing but nothing gets any response from the new search engine—nothing at all. Maybe I have it set wrong. Maybe I don’t know it’s language but it is totally useless to me.

HELP! Please.

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Ok, what are you trying to search for and where?

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I just look for files on my computer, for instance
all the JPGs on cd drive E
any file named hun*.* in f:/working/

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Click the start button and then type your search criteria right into the Search program and files area that appears right above the Start Button. Hit Enter

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Well, if you click on the Windows icon at the bottom left corner, there’s a search bar right there.

Or, if you know the folder, you can search in the upper right hand corner of folders.

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Your question seems to have been already answered, but I think it’s worth saying that the question was not idiotic. If search is not a function you regularly use, it’s unreasonable to assume you should know how to use it.

On the other hand, My job necessitates using computers, yet I work with people who are continually challenged by basic functions such as logging on.

That’s idiotic.

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@blueiiznh it is not that easy.
I type E:\*.jpg into the search box and get an X
I type f:\working\hun*.* and get an X

The search box and I don’t seem to be speaking the same language

@SABOTEUR if you work with computers surely you know what I mean. Windows has made so many functions originally transparently MS-DOS no longer so and this damn search seems to be one of them. I never get anything but an X and search hidden files or root directory hah!

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In Windows 7 searches you’ll probably see a notification (at least the first time) that the drive or directory you want to search has not been indexed. You will also have an option to “add this location to the index?”

Click yes to that so that the location will be indexed, and your searches should proceed normally (and quicker than in previous versions of Windows).

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First thing, check out what Microsoft has to say about staying organized as well as how to search.

If that doesn’t help, then let us know the exact steps you’re taking when you search. Are you attempting to search for files from the Start Menu? or from within an Explorer window? or at the Command Prompt?

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Just go to the E drive in a folder, search for *.jpg in the actual folder.

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I’ll be damned. When I stopped talking computer “E:/*.jpg”—it worked. I feel less comfortable with all that translation between me and the OS but, hell, it is working.

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@anartist glad to hear it worked for you. Win7 does a bit better job of indexing to speed up your searches.
You may want to review your search index settings. Type search in the search window and select the item titled “Change how windows searches” You can they modify your items and also delete and rebuild indexes, change the index location, add file types, etc.

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