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My parents don't drive but need their vehicle. How do we make it work?

Asked by WestRiverrat (20012points) April 7th, 2010

My mother is mobility challenged. She normally gets around with a walker in the house, but needs a wheel chair when out. My dad just entered hospice and had to surrender his drivers license.

Since neither of them has a valid drivers license anymore, they cannot register their vehicle. It is set up so that my mom can get in and out with relative ease. She needs it to get to and from the Clinic which is about an hour drive.

There are people willing to transport her, but she cannot get into or out of their vehicles easily. How can we keep the vehicle licensed and insured so someone else may drive it?

Both my sister and I are out of state. It is a 5 hour drive for me to get to their home, and my sister is about 14 hours drive time away. I want to purchase the vehicle, license it here and let them keep it. My sister isn’t happy with me doing that.

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In this economy, you could probably hire a personal helper for a very low fee. That’s what we did for my mother-in-law. She comes in on Tuesday and Thurs to take Mom where ever she wants to go, and help with laundry and changing the bedding.

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First off, if your sister isn’t happy with the idea then she should either come up with a better idea or just STFU and cope. I mean, is she afraid that your folks will go out joyriding and ruin your driving record?

Laws vary from place to place. Not all places require a drivers license to register a vehicle… though insurance can be a bitch. In NH, my mother-in-law had a car registered in her name even though she had no license. As for insurance, my father-in-law already had his rig insured so they just added a second vehicle to his policy.

Personally, I think that registering the vehicle yourself and just leaving it with your folks is the easiest way to go about it.

@YARNLADY Does your MIL require a modified vehicle? That makes a big difference for many people. It’s also one of the reasons my in-laws never rode in most of my vehicles.
(The fact that my FIL nearly broke the doors off of two of my cars even after I told him that they weren’t designed to hold the entire weight of a 240-pound man and my visceral hatred towards my MIL also enter into it…)

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you have the answer…if your sis doesnt…..then go ahead. be a problem solver.

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@jerv When Pops was alive, they had a lift for his electric cart, and the personal helper had to drive his car, but Mom has no serious mobility issues.

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Your idea is the most sensible. Don’t waste another second..just do it!

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Your state, like most other states, offer benefits galore to the disabled and the elderly. i know this from the experiences i am having with my mother, which is 92 and in a wheelchair. contact their states social services section for a world of help for your parents. concerning their vehicle…..if neither of your parents can drive, then the vehicle is not an asset to them or to you. letting the car sit idle is not a good idea, either. if their state offers free rides to their destinations, you will not need the car. it will save the siblings money. if keeping their vehicle is set in concrete, you can do this. sell their vehicle to a trusted friend or neighbor thats close by them. this way, the friend can still use the same vehicle for transporting. the vehicle will belong to them, so license and insurance will not be a problem for you or your parents. also, have the purchaser of your parents car sign a handwritten contract stating that they will provide transportation for your parents in this vehicle, as long as your parents are living. this would be a condition of selling the car to them at a very cheap price. the object is to keep the car closeby for their medical needs. have the contract signed by all involved parties, in the presence of a notary. this may sound a little complicated, but actually its a winner for all concerned.

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