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What is a "Muse"?

Asked by MayBear (556points) April 8th, 2010

I have read the definition but i want more than just that. I want to know the meaning behind it. When someone calls you their muse, what does that mean? Is that a special meaning? Please give me your opinions. Thanks :)

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When a guy says it to a woman it means he’d like to have sex with her. It sounds better than “I’d like to have sex with you”.

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It is someone who inspires you to achieve things – to do better, to have success. Muses were originally Greek Goddesses who inspired poets, artists, musicians, dancers etc.

The word Museum comes from the muses – it contained collections of artworks inspired by them.

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When some one calls you their muse it can be one of the greatest honors imaginable.

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The muses are mythical spirits who inspire artists. When someone calls you their muse, it means they are inspired by you. Often it is a lover who finds they become very creative because they are so high from being in love with you. This euphoria inspires much creativity.

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I think it’s a Greek Goddess of inspiration.

If you are my muse, you inspire me to create better art, smarter engineering, or funnier comments.

On this site, I have many muses.

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To me it means inspiration. If you are my muse, you are the source of my inspiration driving me to create and achieve beyond my own motivation.

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Think Scorcese & Di Caprio.Artists have a muse which inspires them & gets their creative juices flowing.

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A muse inspires…It’s a nice thing to hear :)

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An awesome band.

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Nine by number, the muses were the daughters of the Titan Mnemosyne and Zeus. They were the goddesses of all arts and sciences, and gave the artists and scientists their inspiration.

Calliope – epic poetry
Euterpe – lyric poetry and song accompanied by flute
Erato – love poetry
Polyhymnia – sacred poetry and dance
Melpomene – tragedy
Thalia – comedy
Clio – history
Terpsichore – dance and choral songs
Urania – astronomy

More information here

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@Trillian – Let’s ask the flutherettes here which of the Muses suits their personality, I will take Thalia, though Melpomene is a stone’s throw away from me!

Ladies…....pick your muse!

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A muse is what one becomes when someone or something provides them with mildly humorous entertainment.

I.e., the recipient of that entertainment becomes aMUSEd. ;-)

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My husband calls me his muse sometimes. My heart fills up to the brim when he say this to me. He says I’m his “Muse, I see.” as in Mus i c, because I like to sing music. It means someone that inspires, and gives the incentive to be a better person for.

(btw, welcome to Fluther ;)

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@ZEPHYRA I too like Thalia, but speaking as a writer I don’t see any that are an exact fit. Perhaps Clio…

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My muse the goose!

Yep, the worlds most intelligent goose lives with me. lol

He is inspiration via his character for many songs, poems and silliness.

Deck the halls with bowtied ganders….fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaaaaaa!

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@Coloma…And to deck said halls with said ganders, would there be any fastening to the walls of said halls required? What would that entail? Staples? Duck tape? Hahahahaha!

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Haha….no duck tape…he is a very vain goose, loves to pose, loves to strut his stuff! lol

Mostly he likes to be on stage, standing on his african basket footstool and slowly rotating so as to be sure that every side of him is appropriatly showcased.

Then after he has had his fill of admiration he enjoys a nice organic salad and a corona! hahahahaha

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to be someones muse does there have to be some kind of emotional feelings for the person you are calling the muse?

can their be just one or many muses for a person?

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@MayBear it’s not a requirement, but strong emotion is, I’d say frequently, involved. one or many? both!

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Being someone’s high class BITCH! or Some one u tease or play around with! Excuse my French!

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