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What were your musical tastes in your teenage years & do you still rate them or do they make you cringe?

Asked by ucme (46552points) April 8th, 2010

For those of us no longer in our teens,what music of the day were you into back when you were a teenager?

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A lot of 70s rock and roll, which I still like very much.

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60s – 90s rock, psychedelia and house music from 80s – early 00s (although I wasn’t a teenager by then).

I still listen to it all.

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My tastes have not changed much.I still like what I liked back then and was never really inclined to follow what kids were supposed to like ;)

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I still listen to what I listened to at 15 years old.
Though, I’m not quite 21 yet, so I may not count.

Power/speed/symphonic/prog metal and Industrial/EBM for me, all the way.

When I was young, like 10–12, I had a phase where I listened to a lot of.. punk and ska, I suppose it is. With some typical MTV bands mixed in, like AFI. Looking back, I hate that stuff.
There was a phase when I just listened to online jazz radios all day, too. I respect me for that, but I wouldn’t repeat it.

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Metal, things like Metallica, Ministry, and some Grunge too, Econoline Crush, Nirvana.

Today my tastes haven’t changed much, I still listen to all that, but I’m a fan of Industrial now, more than anything else.

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I liked a lot of classical music when I was a teenager (really!) and still do. I liked good rock music then… and still do.

But I also like a lot of folk, some country and a lot of indie music that I wasn’t even aware of—or which didn’t exist then.

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My music genre preference has not retracted but actually broadened as the years go by.

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Feeding frenzy!

Rock! I love my musical past, it fuels my future.

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I went through many musical phases in my teenage years, most of which were absolutely horrible (and too embarrassing to post). I’ve done a lot of growing up since then, and I’d say that I have a pretty good taste in music now.

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Younger years: The Smiths, House Martins, Beautiful South, Ministry, New Wave, Punk. Throw in some Motorhead.

Now, The Smiths, House Martins, Beautiful South, Ministry, Punk, throw in some Motorhead and a hell of a lot more.

This is what I like now.

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The stuff that made me wince then, makes me wince now.
Some of the over the top pop I liked, now makes me hurl. Early Bee Gees, Petulia Clark. The Dave Clark Five.

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I’m glad to admit that I listen to less Ratt now than I did in my youth.

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Some of my favorite bands/artists when I was younger were The Spice Girls, The Backstreet Boys, Aqua, Chumbawamba, and Britney Spears.
My taste in music has changed drastically. Now, I prefer bands/artists like Johnny Cash, Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Sia and Evanescence. I also listen to a lot of instrumentals like pieces by Clint Mansell, Mozart, Beethoven and Debussy.
Instead of the fast-paced, happy songs, I prefer melancholy. I listen to a lot of dark music that sparks emotion within me easily.

I’m not going to lie though, I still have all of my old albums and I do pop The Spice Girls and Aqua into my cd player once in a blue moon. I’ll even sing along to Britney when I feel like it. I have no shame.

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I’m still fond of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Stones, Ravi Shankar, Bud Powell, Thelonius Monk, Art Tatum and Mahalia Jackson, among many others. Dion DiMucci, not so much.

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Nope, I haven’t changed much since my teens. my teens were in the punk rock period and I just never was atracted to (apologies in advance for any offence, none meant honest) that noise. I grew up with my Gran so I grew up listening to the Rat Pack,to Al Jolson, to the Andrews Sisters, to Bing Crosby, to big band music like Glenn Miller…. getting the idea :-) in my early to mid twenties I got into classical and even listened to some opera. I do like groups like the eurythmics, and think shania twain is great. I’ve always hated that I was born just maybe 10 years too late to be around in the time of the Beatles, who will never be matched I think, ever. Also love Abba, they’re my guilty pleasure. I really do still listen to the same stuff I grew up listening to.
hugs everyone xx

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My earlier teens were consisted of Pop. Boy bands and Pop princesses. Tho i dont listen to that reguarly, it is quite hilarious when i happen to hear some of those songs to this day.

Than i got into the punk/ska scene.

than the rock.

Than the rap

I listen to everything, so i guess it is the same. Now i just listen to what sounds good to me.

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I just looked through iTunes, and found a lot of stuff I discovered as a teen, which I still play regularly.

Classical music, espec. wind music, Segovia, Beethoven symphonies,

Jazz, espec. Duke Ellington, Scott Joplin piano rags, Gershwin orchestral

Clash, Rolling Stones, B-52s, David Bowie, XTC, Devo, Talking Heads, Specials, Elvis Costello, Elton John, Pretenders, Ry Cooder, Stevie Wonder

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@Vunessuh Spice Girls and NIN. You kick too much ass. :)

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Well, I liked a lot of British bands and R.E.M.. I still like a lot of British bands, but not the same ones I did as a teen, with the exception of The Beatles. I have listened to them continuously since I was 5 or 6. However, I’m no longer such a big fan of R.E.M. I think I let them go pretty much after Monster.

And I’ve actually listened to Hall & Oates’ back catalogue at this point, where as a 11 year old girl, I just drooled over Daryl in their pop video hits. Some of their music pre-80s hit phase is really excellent, much to my surprise, especially Daryl’s solo LP with Robert Fripp from 1977, Sacred Songs.

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II loved the late 50s and early 60s Rock, Country and Popular Music e.g Frank Sinatra, Bing Cosbey, ect.Todays music for the young is absolutly atrocious.

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Cheers all fascinating stuff.I certainly have some that i’d prefer to stay buried.Although in common with a lot of you I still listen to loads that I did then, U2,Depeche Mode & yes Tears For Fears to name a few.

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Even in my teens I liked a little of everything, though metal probably held the most interest. Still the same today, and metal is still in the lead. What has changed is my exposure to new and different types of music. Back then the availability was much more limited and price was a bigger factor. Today so much more is easily available, my exposure over the last 5–10 years has been amazingly broad (though some of that probably has to do with all the new categorization that didn’t exist/or I wasn’t aware of then) much to my delight.

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I listened to metal like crazy in high school…
now…. not so much…lol

although I do break down occasionally

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To answer the rest of your question, I still like the same stuff that liked when I was a youngin’.

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I liked techno, trance, and pop music. Now I hate it like the plague. Conversely I hated classical music. Now I love it.

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In my teens I liked psychedelic rock from the late 60’s to early 70’s, 70’s punk, 70’s metal (Meatloaf and the like), Rromani Gypsy music (the little my father managed to get out of Communist Romania and what he sang to me), and some 70’s pop (ELO and the like).

Oh, I had my teenage years in the 70’s, obviously.

I still like all of that and have expanded my musical tastes to include many other genres. I have even come to appreciate some disco which, back in the 70’s, I detested with a passion.

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classic 70s rock, punk and early 80s new wave – most of which I still like very much now. There’s very few that I used to like and now I don’t.

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as a young teen i was obsessed with elvis and the doors, among other older music. i listened to some shitty stuff but honestly i don’t remember and it wasn’t very often. there was a point where i liked lil wayne a lot. yes i said it.

pretty much all my life though i’ve listened to the same genres as my parents which are rock and roll from my dad and oldies and folk and bluegrass from my mom. i used to get irritated by a lot of that music when i was “forced” to listen to it in the car with them or whatever, but now i love it. especially burl ives!

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I was a huge NIN fan in HS, I lost interest for a few years, but now I’m back into them. The only thing in my collection that might embarrass me would be my Weird Al tapes, but I was 12

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@Ansible1 i have some of his stuff as well still.

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Nothing has changed – I still like the same songs, singer and styles. I stopped adding to my collection in the early eighties in genres other than Jazz. Mine is all sixties seventies and eighties. (I was born in the fifties.)

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I loved punk rock. now I’m old and I still love it. and alternative, I like alot of the remixes, I love arctic monkeys, and I love love love silversun pickups – I heard bad romance (lady gaga), really loud, the other day, I love it

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As a preteen, I listened to boy bands. As an early teen (13, 14) I listened to rap, but in retrospect that was just to piss off my parents.

The rest of my teen years I rarely listened to anything with vocals. A lot of Celtic music, a lot of Classical, a little jazz and bluegrass, and the occasional electronica.

I still love all of the styles of music from my teen years, among many others. I don’t listen to rap or Top 40 music anymore, though.

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NIN and Marilyn Manson & the spooky kids…

Not so into Marilyn Manson now but still like the spooky kids! As for nin, i drove 16 hours to see one of their last shows at bonnaroo, waited for 7 hours to get front row center, caught a drum head!

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70’s gal here, got to see all the greats live…the 70’s were a blast!

It’s a wonder I survived the sex, drugs & rock-n-roll era! lol

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i will ALWAYS listen to brand new…

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I was very much a fan of stuff like Nirvana, Alanis Morissette and The Cranberries, but I really can’t stomach that kind of stuff anymore. These days I’m into any kind of music that is happy and upbeat. A friend of mine recently sent me a mix CD and it included: Tina Turner, MC Hammer, Sean Paul, Paul Simon, UB40, Black Eyed Peas and a band called Salsa Celtica.

At first I was reluctant to post here because you can pretty much age each jelly based on their response!

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I just saw the Black Eyed Peas last night! :-)

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I love UB40…red, red wiiiiine…..

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@Coloma Were they any good? I saw them at Glastonbury one year and couldn’t help but jiggle my bits.

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jiggle my bits
* Giggles * – that’s cute.

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Lol..I have no idea what ‘jiggle my bits’ means.

It was fun, good energy.

I was sorta roped in by a friend who’s 16 yr. old daughter was the big fan. lol

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@Coloma Good energy pretty much equates to bits jiggling! I was once roped into seeing Hanson; words fail me.

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I was a teenager from about 1960–1966.

I lot of my favorite tunes from then are still in my musical pantheon.

1960— Handyman by Jimmy Jones, It’s Now or Never by Elvis, Poetry in Motion by Johnny Tillotson, A Thousand Stars by Kathy Young.

1962— Duke of Earl, He’s a Rebel by the Crystals.

1963— Walk Like A Man by the Four Seasons, Sukiyaki by Kyo Sakamoto (IIRC).

1964— She Loves You by the Beatles, Heart of Stone and It’s All Over Now by the Stones, House of the Rising Sun.

1965— Get Off My Cloud by the Stones, Sounds of Silence, Dylan’s Bringing it all Back Home album.

1966— Most of the Aftermath album by the Stones. Most of the Blonde on Blonde album by Dylan.

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I was really into Grunge & Industrial music when I was in my teens….. while I dont really listen to Grunge much anymore I still like it. Industrial, sadly, has split into either freak or semi-gay shite…... with the exception of Nine Inch Nails who are still awesome!

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The stuff I liked then, I still like. I just like a lot in addition to it.

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@Coloma I just saw the Black Eyed Peas last night! :-)

I recall a video clip a year or two back of the “Black Eyed Pees…”

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@Samantha_Rae Well, how could you not? They’re pretty much amazing. :)

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There is nothing that I listened to as a teenager that don’t like now. I’ve always had broad tastes in music that span decades, and I’m still the same.

My favourite band from the 80s in a little known one Spirit of the West. Check out there song Political sung by the lead singer without his band. I have not been unhappy with any one of the CDs this band has put out.

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