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What does this dream mean?

Asked by heartbreaker (32points) April 8th, 2010

I had a dream that I went and sat down in a corner and my crush walked over and kissed me multipule times, after that we got along fairly well but when i came over to ask him out he said “no”. after that my friend Cara said that it would be alright and my crush cept saying he was sorry my friend told him to leave me alone and he told her to leave me alone. Later in the dream there was a very poisenouse and big yellow snake and it was about to bite me but my crush saved me and hit it on the head and killed it that is all i can remember and i want to know what this means so can any one help me!!!!?
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I don’ think you’re gonna get laid if he killed the snake.

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Nothing. It’s a dream.

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The crush being there signifies your desires. Him kissing you means that you’re getting some of what you want, but not all of it. Though, multiple kisses means you’ll get some more.
Him saying no means that whatever it is that you got, will be taken away.
Your friend consoling you means that you’ll get some other things that you wanted.

The poisonous big yellow snake represents a racist view of Asians from Americans in the 1940s after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. So clearly in your life you will travel back in time. You’ll probably do some business with the Japanese.
Your crush saving you from the snake is representative of Americans coming in and liberating Japan, saving you from their atrocities.

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This can mean only one thing.

You have a crush on your crush.

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death is imminent. in the form of a deadly snake bite. thats all it means.

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Well, multiple kissing usually mean, well, multiple kissing. When he said, “no” to you it was your evil friend manipulating him. Your friend is the yellow snake. Your crush beat the yellow snake into submission, because that’s what really happening here. Your friend stole your crush. You only wish that the yellow snake was just a yellow snake and that the crush would beat the yellow snake on your friends head, wait.. yea. Is your friend asian?

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@Bernard That was good. Very good I must say. I was going to type something clever until I read yours.

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I think the snake is his penis, and the poison is an STD, but he killed it… so maybe he’ll see a doctor? I’d steer clear.

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You fear the penis but remember it’s your friend. If you beat it. It will spit.

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Where’s @dpwworkin?

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To me it sounds like this dream is your way of trying to resolve an issue with your crush. You may need to comminuate more with him. I would suggest you call him up and talk to him face to face.

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