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Nike's new Tiger Woods ad: tasteful or tasteless?

Asked by rebbel (28711points) April 8th, 2010

The Masters started today, with Tiger Woods joining in after his absence for some months on the tour.
Nike airs a new commercial where-in Tiger’s passed away father speaks to him and asks him some question (”Tiger, I am more prone to be inquisitive, to promote discussion. I want to find out what your thinking was, I want to find out what your feelings were, and… did you learn anything?”).
We see Tiger in a sad stance, in black and white filmed, ‘listening’ to his dad’s words.
How do you think about Nike and/or Tiger Woods’s use of his dead father for commercial goals?
Or are there other then commercial goals behind it?

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I think that his dad would be more than happy to help him. Even from beyond the grave.
It is just a continuation of what he did for him when he was alive.

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I simply cannot figure out the point of this ad. Is Nike trying to clean up Tiger’s image by the use [with Tiger’s consent] of his dad’s “image from above”? Nike is not a public service. Nike is in for the bucks. I vote for tacky — NIKE: either ignore Tiger’s indiscretions or cut him loose. This is tacky and embarrassing for all.

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Earl Woods would have been all for using everything to get Tiger back on top, even his own words.

Also, it is a special circumstance. Tiger has regularly invoked his father’s name and words when talking about the situation.

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I’m more concerned that they’re using the publicity of Tiger’s problems to promote Nike products.

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Truthfully, I think it’s a little over dramatic for such a silly event. The only reason why this whole affair became public was because Tiger Woods was a good target for gossip. He was famous, he went to rehab, his banged up car was showed. I was never interested in this anyway, so I personally think that this ad is a little to deep for such a non-serious situation. I guess it’s sweet for his father’s sake, but I just don’t like this commercial personally because it’s just calling attention for Nike, and why not use the famous “rebel” Tiger Woods?

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@anartist I agree with you. Incredibly tacky. In fact, more than that….it takes brass balls on the part of Nike. It’s so obviously a clean-up job. Nike will benefit by adding their heft to the clean-up, although I think all they did was call attention to the mess. They should stay out of it. it’s his personal life. Makes him appear rather insincere.

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I find Tiger Woods disgusting. It is one thing to break a vow and then try to work things out, we all mess up, but to try to say he has an addiction? BULLSHIT.

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I liked it, a lot.

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I’m too bored with the whole thing to bother.

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I think it’s kinda creepy.

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@jbfletcherfan Good word for it. It is kinda creepy.

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its the most retarded stupid thing I’ve ever seen

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I’m ok with it. But it just seems too obvious to me. . . too much of a gimmick.

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I like the jimmy kimmel version (don’t know how to link it) where his mum beats him in the head wiv a rolled up newspaper

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I don’t know how he agreed to it.
My parents, now both gone, are too special to me to demean like this.

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@filmfann Oh, man…you just said it all!!! 10 GA’s!

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i didn’t think i could care any less about Tiger and Nike…until now. That was horrible.

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I think he should just shut up about the whole thing and play golf. Enough already. Maybe he should hang an albatross around his neck for the next 100 golf games.~

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Hey, I asked this last night!!!

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@anartist Correct, this ad has nothing to do with performance equipment. ahem Nike’s entire industry.

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Honestly, my first impression when I saw this weird commercial (?) was that they had either Fellini or David Lynch as a guest director or consultant.

It looks like an excerpt from an episode of “Twin Peaks”.

But at least those directors’ works had an artistic point of view. I have no idea what kind of point this mishmash is supposed to be getting across.

I just see it as an epic fail.

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This ad feels far too POLITICAL for my liking…Like something a politician would run while in the race for office. It feels over-dramatized and manipulative and definitely like it’s trying to “win my vote!” Stay out of POLITICS, Nike! Stick to what you’re good at…JUST DO IT!

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