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Why is fluther doing this?

Asked by Neizvestnaya (22622points) April 8th, 2010

When I go to give lurve on comments then the screen blips and takes me to the top of the page, losing the place I have read up to. To keep reading other comments or to post one of my own then I have to scroll down all over again. This didn’t happen to me yesterday 4–7-10 or ever before.

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That happens to me too
I’m typing and the browser completes the page load and it immediately takes me back to the top.

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For some reason the javascript isn’t loading or is still being downloaded when you click the GA link.

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I sent this question to Tim. Perhaps they are fiddling with the bits again. :)

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Means that yahoo is taking time to load. Wait a little bit longer.

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Fluther runs through yahoo? Ok. As long as it’s a temporary glitch and not a new fluther feature because it’s cutting into my sneaking-onto-fluther activities :)

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it doesn’t happen on Firefox, only IE does it to me…

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It did it to me at home and I run Firefox there. It’s doing it at work to me now on IE.

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It happens occasionally (I’m on Firefox). I hate it when it does!

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@Neizvestnaya :: It is calling this at then end of the page. It is what does all the fancy AJAX stuff. It is just a public javascript library that is provided by Yahoo. But I’m not sure why they wouldn’t host the file on Fluther’s servers. It seems like a easy way to fix a problem that gets a lot of us occasionally.

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@johnpowell It’s hosted on a CDN, so most of the time it should be faster (depending on your location). Also, if you visit any yahoo site, the library should be cached.

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Oh ho! The fluther love is back :) No more glitchies.

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