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Can over use of the wifes fetal doppler radar harm the baby in any way?

Asked by Mat74UK (4649points) April 9th, 2010

Just a concern on my behalf.

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What is a fetal doppler radar? I have heard them in conjunction with tracking the weather, but not fetuses. Not an answer, sorry, but I am curious.

and too lazy to google it

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I’m seeing “fetal dopplers” in Google (used to monitor baby’s heartbeat), but not “fetal doppler radar”. What are you talking about?

Why would you need to monitor a fetus so closely? It’s not going anywhere for awhile. Do you have serious (known) health issues to consider?

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I think it will be okay. I don’t think the microwaves used are too powerful nor too concentrated.
However, I could be wrong and you should check with her OB doc.

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“Fetal Doppler” / “Fetal Doppler Radar” lets try not to get pedantic hey?

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I wouldn’t let them use it unless there is some very big concern about the baby. I didn’t let them do it with any of my pregnancies. No one is really looking at this question—so I don’t think there are any doctors who will express concern—but that doesn’t mean there is no problem.

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With my first, I was overly paranoid, and rented a doppler and used it almost every day. He’s completely healthy.

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@casheroo Thanks that what wanted to hear.
@CyanoticWasp I work in radio and should have known the difference between radar and ultrasonic frequencies but it never crossed my mind, “Doppler” was the word that grabbed me and made me think.

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My concern is about ultrasonic frequencies—especially in the early months while the brain is developing.

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@skfinkel – I’ve told her I’m not in agreement with daily use….. But i work with radio all day 136KHz to 950MGHz constantly and I’m made aware of the problems.

I just thought someone on here may have known a little more than me.

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I am assuming you are talking about Doppler Ultrasound, which is not Radar (and certainly not microwaves @davidbetterman, they are electromagnetic waves, not mechanical waves.). The only known risks of Ultrasound examinations is if the sonographer is poorly trained and uses too much power in the wrong area for too long. When an ultrasound beam crosses a barrier of significant acoustic impedance, such as bone to soft tissue, there is a slight heating effect. If the scan focusses on the one area for too long, this can cause gas bubbles to form, which leads to cavitation.

Generally there is nothing to be worried about though, because every qualified sonographer learns a huge amount about such effects, and stays well below safe levels.

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