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My windows update keeps giving error messages. Any suggestions as to what I can try?

Asked by HummerLady1950 (46points) April 9th, 2010

Windows cannot fing updates from the auto update options. I keep getting errors.

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your not on a dell are you

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No. I have a Gateway.

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Run a virus scan.

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There is a worm which blocks access to Windows Update, and it is really easy to test.

Can you see all six images on the “Conficker Eye Chart”

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@jaytkay the penguin is cute, but i really like the puffer fish

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It might be a virus. Do you have a ant-virus program? If not use AVG the free version.
And you might also maybe* have deleted some files which links to the Windows Update.
and it depends on wich OS you use?

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I have Vista. I will try some of your solutions this weekend. thanks

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But a MAC and forget about viruses and error messages

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