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What is Scroll Lock?

Asked by jaytkay (25787points) April 9th, 2010

“Scroll Lock” on my computer keyboard, what does it do?

I spend most of my working day at the keyboard, yet I have no idea what that key is for.

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Scroll lock is hardly ever used anymore. Here is the wiki.

So, apparently, in ye olden days, when pressed, scroll lock would make the arrow keys move something instead of a cursor up, down, left, or right. Nowadays, its just a fun little button to press. Whee.

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In Medieval times it prevented people from stealing and/or reading your scroll ,I think it was a hybrid of a diary & a bicycle lock !
* Actually,Fred931 has it correct !

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Scroll lock is a key whose sole use seems to be bringing up the xfire interface during games.

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Scroll lock still has some functionality in Microsoft Excel (As of Office 2003). When scroll lock is off, the cursor control keys move you around from cell to cell. When scroll lock is on, the sheet you are working on scrolls with the cursor keys, while focus remains on the cell you are on.

Most KVM switches activate if you tap scroll lock twice quickly.

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