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What has to happen before you can be legitimately worried you have a stalker?

Asked by j0ey (2429points) April 10th, 2010

My house mates and I are a little bit scared…..

Last week I was up late working on an assignment, and I heard someone walking around in our back yard (they were wearing thongs). At first I thought it was my house mate, so I wasn’t too worried, but then they stopped just outside my window. I asked who it was, and a man’s voice came back, meowing like a cat “MMMEEEEOOOOOW, MEEEEOOOOOW”....I was kind of freaked out, I froze. And then after a while I heard them run away. My house mate heard everything, and we were both really freaked out for the rest of the night. I didn’t sleep very well.

Yesterday morning my housemate found a bunch of 6 long stem roses in our car port….(I had ran over them when I got up to go to the gym really early when it was still dark)...there was no note, no nothing…just these roses. They must have dropped them off somewhere in between 11pm and 5am.

Both my housemates have boyfriends who didnt leave the flowers, and I am definitely not seeing anyone, or flirting with anyone who would be leaving me flowers.

Should we be worried that something a bit “not right” is going on here? Is this enough to make us worried? Or are we being paranoid?

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Well certainly there is something untoward going on.
Perhaps it is a secret admirer, but just to be safe, I think I would at least report this activity to the police.
It must be very unnerving knowing there is someone near your house during the early hours of the morning. Not good.

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So???? Are you saying that you want me to stop????

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Call the cops. It’s creepy.

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Maybe someone got the wrong address – (or you should check that your curtains/blinds are drawn at appropriate times.)

Wearing thongs – you must be an Aussie. Sprinkle thumb tacks around the carport and listen for the yelps – (just make sure that you remember that they are there).

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Some deluded pussy sounds like he’s wired up wrong.I’d monitor it & if it does happen again either throw a bucket of cold water at him, pussy’s hate that, or call the cops if you feel the need to.

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Stalking requires repetition. in other words, a one time incident does not meet the criteria of stalking. repeated phone calls, repeated text messages, repeated notes left on your car, repeated flowers arriving are examples of stalking.

From your question, the most you have here is trespassing. for safety sake, i would notify the police and have the officer make out a “Matter of Record” incident report. for you, this is like an insurance policy, in case these acts are repeated again. the police report is your evidence of a possible stalker. save the flowers and date and time you located them. john

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Leave lights on outside, and if you hear it again, call the police immediately.

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It’s never a good sign when someone is creeping around your house. I would look for other clues: Are there cigarette butts outside a window that you or your housemates didn’t put there? Shoe impressions outside a window? Make sure all windows are locked at all times. I know, I watch too much True TV, but I agree with the above where they say to call the police immediately.

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Well if someone there ends up dead, then you should be worried. Seriously though, call the cops.

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I had a guy stalk me when I was 16. It happened over a year and for most of the time I didn’t know who it was, although I knew who he was. He left roses for me with tapes of songs compilations he had put together. Months later I found out that it was this guy Ernie who was putting all this together for his friend Matt. I told Matt that I liked him as a friend but wasn’t interested in anything else. Then Ernie stepped up the pressure. I saw him everywhere.

Once, as I was driving home from work, he forced me off the road. He was driving a big rig. We were on a highway. Scared the hell out of me.

Then I was called to the Principal’s office and handed a duotang with my name on it. A bus driver had found it on a bus and turned it into the school. Thing was, I wasn’t riding the bus at that time as I had a car. I took the duotang and sat in the hall and read page after single-spaced-both-sides-of-the-paper-typed page. He had been following me for much longer than I thought. He had been sitting outside my house trying to get a look at me in my bedroom. He was suicidal and his writings indicated that he wanted to take me with him.

I freaked and my mom called the cops. This was back before the days of anti-stalking laws. The cops did talk to him and told him to stay away from me. It took me a couple of years to stop constantly looking over my shoulder.

I would say if it happens again then you may want to talk to the police.

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This sounds like a CSI episode waiting to happen.
Be careful.

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I wouldn’t fool around waiting to see what will happen.I would start by talking to the police.

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I hope you called the police.
Even if you weren’t in direct danger, it’s wise to file a report if someone was trespassing and left something in the car port.

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I would start talking to the police about this because you definitely shouldn’t just wait around! Maybe it could be someone throwing pranks.. I was in college with my friend, and we were outside on a hot night, and we heard someone whispering “help” help”. It was a mono-toned voice, but we got pretty creeped out (in fact I’m just shivering thinking of this!) Anyways, nothing happened after that, but just be careful and don’t wait it out whether it’s a prank or not!

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There’s a world of difference between a prowler and a stalker. A stalker takes a personal interest in you and everything you do. A prowler sneaks around the yards and scares people. A stalker follows the object of his obsession to work, and to the store, and everywhere possible.

I think you have a neighborhood prowler, and you should ask the police to patrol your area.

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@YARNLADY I don’t think prowlers usually leave roses do they?

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No, but a prankster might. Still…...

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