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Anyone else having horrible seasonal allergies right now? What are you doing for them?

Asked by gemiwing (14708points) April 10th, 2010

My allergies are kicking me in the teeth right now, anyone else?

I take Zyrtec OTC and it’s usually enough but right now it’s just not keeping my allergies in check. I went outside for two hours today and my face broke out, throat started closing off and I had to run home to lay down.

I’m going to call the doctor Monday, but wanted to know what you’re using for your allergies right now and if it’s working. What prescription med do you use, or home remedy, that’s working for you? I’m basically looking for a starting point for researching allergy meds and am hoping to garner some anecdotal evidence first.

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wow, i never get it that bad just sinus problems…. benedryl knocks me out even though it works the best. sudafed sinus has been working for me now. my mom’s husband gets it that bad and the last couple years he’s gone in to get an allergy shot from the doctor’s and that’s been a miracle cure for him! good luck!


Yes, I get stuffy noses and I have a hard time breathing and getting a good night’s sleep. I have dark circles under my eyes and I sneeze a lot. I don’t take anything for it, because I don’t like any chemicals in my body, but I think I might have to take something like Aerius, an anti-histamine for my allergies. Sigh. :(

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Flonase for the nasal allergies. I’m sorry to hear that Zyrtec’s not cutting it! That’s usually my ace in the hole. Claritin doesn’t work for me so I wouldn’t suggest that one. Definitely call the doc on Monday.

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stay in. close the windows. wipe down your pets after they’ve been out. I’m in KY and it’s always bad here in spring. Take care.

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@figbash Yeah, Zyrtec is my number one go-to as well. I’m kind of shocked that it’s not working this year. (sad panda face goes here). I’ll look into Flonase, thank you. Is it like Veconase(sp)? That didn’t do much for me back when, just gave me a bloody nose.

@jazmina88 The Bluegrass is killing me this year. I’m on lockdown right now and boy do I miss the breeze!

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it seems like /everyone/ i talk to is getting their ass kicked by allergies this year…i am too!

i’ve been dosing on phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine both have given me dry-mouth but no relief. today i used mucinex (pseudoephedrine and guaifenesin) – i can breathe but i still have itchy eyes and sneezing…so, sour grapes for me.

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Yes, sneezing 30.000 times a day, nasal blockage, running eyes, red eyes that any cylon would envy and a general lethargic feeling. I started something called Kestine and it seems to be making things slightly better!

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I moved to southern California, the DESERT, from the Midwest, and actually believed I might be “allergy free”....NOT!! I don’t know where you are living, but of course the symptoms are the same no matter where you are…and mine are the absolute worst I have ever imagined, this year!! The benadryl with decongestant (solid blue caplet rather than the pink caplet) has been the only thing to help me…Zyrtec & Claritin are ineffective for me…Flonase really does make a difference if you use it regularly…the sad truth is, only shots get rid of a lifetime of severe symptoms. Looks like we are in “good company” by the number of suffering peers!! I hope you find relief after seeing your MD and before you end up with a sinus infection!!

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Apparently, pollen counts/allergies are off the charts. Man, it’s been killing me the past couple of days because I went skiing and didn’t even consider that I might need allergy meds. I certainly didn’t realize it’d be in the 50’s-60’s (people were skiing in tank tops). My eyes have been so dry, scratchy, and burning that I could barely stand it. I got some Visine-A to hold me over until I got home and it did just barely, then took a Claritin-D, which helped with the congestion, but my eyes still tortured me all evening.

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I just went to the Dr. last week and I’ve got an ear/sinus infection.

I had temporarily run out of Sudafed so just put up with the congestion. Bad move. All that blockage ended up as one big infection.

I regularly take Sudafed and have for years after a bout of pneumonia landed me in the office of a Pulmonologist

He made the observation that I don’t drain very well. When I asked him what to do about it he said decongestants.

But I also take Benadryl at night to avoid waking up with a blocked up head.

Ever since they instituted the draconian system for the whole Megillah one has to go through each time you but a box of Sudafed, I’ve frequently run out. (I highly doubt that it’s made the slightest dent in the Meth trade but it just makes life more difficult for people with sinus problems.). Ridiculous.

I don’t know why this particular year is being so difficult, but my Dr. commented on the higher than usual numbers of people coming in with sinus problems and infections.

I’m seriously considering looking more into a recently developed procedure which evidently has none of the side effects and 25% failure rate of traditional sinus surgery.

I saw it being demonstrated on the TV show, The Doctors. It’s basically like angioplasty for the sinuses. They thread up a scope with a balloon attached.

When expanded, it gently pushes on the surrounding cartilage and tissue to open up the sinus passages if they’re too small for proper drainage.

Unlike traditional surgery which involves cutting, lots of swelling, pain and slow recovery along with a significant failure rate due scarring, the balloon procedure has none of that.

I need to find someone locally who is not only familiar with and trained in this, but also has done lots of them.

It’s either that or keep getting infections and that’s getting really tiresome.

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I so sympathise with you. It’s not good when you have allergies. You could try Flixonase. Also perhaps this website will be able to help you:-

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@Buttonstc wow the balloon surgery sounds hopeful! i’m in the same boat, i don’t seem to drain well (have you tried a neti pot in addition to the sudafed? it feels amazing and really helps!)

PS hope you feel better, i’ve made the same mistake many a time and ended up with a sinus infection. :(

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I’ve never had allergies before this year, it’s brutal. I’m using Zyrtec too and I use my neti pot to wash out my sinuses every night before I go to bed. It’s not helping much.

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I have tried a Neti pot and it’s just too uncomfortable as I end up with salt water pouring down my throat. It’s just too weird. I know intellectually that it’s based on sound principles but just can’t force myself to do it. I know that sounds strange, but…

For some reason this year is the worst. Have no idea why.

But at least the antiobiotic is kicking in so my ears don’t hurt and that annoying gurgling, skritching sensation is waning :)

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@Buttonstc I have the same problem with the neti pot. My mom uses it and swears by it- I just get a throat full of salty water. Urgh. I’m glad your AB is kicking in and it’s helping you. I’m off to call the doctor. le sigh.

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when i have pollen allergies I use nasonex. My brother is also allergic but he uses zyrtec, as he doesn’t like nasal sprays that much. Hope this helps:)

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