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If police has the technology to send a signal to a fleeing car to stall it, wouldn't Russians have a technology from their satellite/airplane/base to stall Polish prez plane?

Asked by BabylonFree (208points) April 11th, 2010 from iPhone

Or even control the weather sending a fog? Like Chinese controled weather during Olympics in Bejing?
...on the polish tv I get from satallite the journalists that arrived 1hour prior at same airport said there was NO fog, conditions were perfect to land, Russian media on the other hand says there was, ok the fog can come but that quick??it’s balloney.

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If police has the technology to send a signal to a fleeing car to stall it,

They don’t. Life isn’t a movie. That could only happen if the car (or the plane) was modified to receive and respond to such a signal.

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If the Russians would want to take a plane out of the sky, in their territory (and thus can investigate the crash themselves), they can ‘just’ fire any kind of rocket.
My guess is, that they have nothing to do with this crash.
Crashes happen on a weekly basis, sometimes ‘elite’ happen to be on board.

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Why does every tragedy involving an important person have to become a conspiracy theory? The Chinese did not control the weather in Bejing – if such technology was available the droughts here in Australia would have been broken years ago. Why blame the Russians in the first place?

@DarkScribe Some years ago, there were several incidences of cars stalling while driving past a particular air force base in Britain. It was hoped that a way to stall cars could be developed from this knowledge. It was found that the stalling was due to electromagnetic interference with the ECUs of the cars. You are correct to say that the technology doesn’t exist, because a broad spectrum of EM waves was required, and such a broad spectrum would interfere with all types of communication in the area.

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The fog can happen that quickly.

The Russian air traffic controllers tried to divert the plane to another airport, but the pilot refused and insisted on attempting to land.

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Give the Russians spme credit. Even if they had the technology, the plane that the Polish President was on was old. It didn’t have the latest technology in it like a“chip” of any kind. About the only thing the Russians would have done would have been to transmit an EMP. That’s movie stuff.
Anyway, the Russians have nothing to gain by this. They can’t come into Poland and stage a “coup”.

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Darkscribe, correct answer. a stall car, by the police, is a vehicle the police have installed stopping equipment in advance. in other words, the police have the ability to electronically stop this one stolen vehicle, since the vehicle belongs to the police and by pre-set radio frequenchies installed.

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If police can remotely stall a premodified car, then the russians control the weather
^ perfect logic.

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Why would Russia want to kill off the polish president in this way? If anything, this will increase any animosity between the two countries. If Russia wanted Lech Kaczyński dead, they would surely not have done it this way. For one, they would have done it anywhere but on Russian soil. If you are trying to kill someone and get away with it, would you do it in your house?(hypothetically of course) Clearly you wouldn’t. Give Russia some credit here, they aren’t exactly inexperienced in these types of matters.

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If you want a conspiracy theory, here is one:
The United States of America is responsible for this tragedy. They intentionally used their black project technology to kill the polish leadership to plant mistrust between Russia and the EU to destabilise realtions, to eventually lead to a collapse of european oil supply from russia, causing a european economic crisis and a possible collapse of the European community. The US’ goal is to stop the EU from becoming a rivalling superpower, because it interferes with America’s plan of establishing a global haegemony.

The great thing is that this is just as likely as Russia being responsible.

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“on the polish tv I get from satallite the journalists that arrived 1hour prior at same airport said there was NO fog, conditions were perfect to land, Russian media on the other hand says there was, ok the fog can come but that quick??it’s balloney.”
Apart from satellite and baloney, I’d suggest that instead of journalists who have no access to Doppler radar and no education in assessing weather conditions at thirty thousand feet, you utilize a meteorologist as your source on weather conditions.
What do you mean “that quick”? Have you never seen a fog bank roll in? It can come out of nowhere in a matter of minutes.
“Like Chinese controled weather during Olympics in Bejing?” WTF? Please say you’re not serious.

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Could someone please offer proof or a link to information how the Chinese controlled the weather during the Bejing Olympics? I’d really like to read up on that and find out how they did it. If they really did it.

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@john65pennington since the vehicle belongs to the police and by pre-set radio frequenchies installed.

Correct answer?

I said that unless the car had been modified it could not happen. You are talking about a modified car.

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It is never incorrect to wonder, “who benefited from the death of X politician.” That might point you in the direction of an assaliant. It is the same logic the police use when looking at a homicide. Just be slow to jump on the “wild” theories. They usually lead you in the wrong direction. As to what is “wild,” that’s the debatable part.

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Holy shitoli, the Russians have nukes AND weather control. fuckfuckfuckfuck…

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According to what I read this morning about the communications, Russian air traffic control tried to reroute the plane from the military base that they were landing, to Minsk or Moscow because of the fog. The pilots chose to land at the base anyways, despite the fact that the military base did not have the equipment to assist planes in landing in inclement weather. Because of the ground fog, the pilots misjudged their approach and hit the trees.

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@Fred931 But they still can’t build a decent clock-radio.

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a) We [the Chinese] have the largest [weather modification] program in the world… but it is not really the most advanced… That honor belongs to the Russians. -from the LA Times.

b) Have you heard of OnStar?

I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with the conspiracy premise, but to dismiss the technology as the stuff of movies is plainly ignorant.

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@kevbo Actually, the proposed specs for OBDIII contained a remote kill switch so that the police could kill your car. Problem was, so could the EPA. Check engine light comes on? That is an emissions fault; kill the engine! And then there is the possibility of the kill codes leaking out to criminals and vandals. Plus the GPS tracking of all cars and their speeds. Needless to say, the ACLU is amongst those nixing that idea.
Of course, OBDIII is factory equipment; putting those things into an already existing car would be a modification.

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… and it’s silly to think that individual planes get upgraded or modified electonics over their lifespan.

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True, but who does the modding?

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“Pimp my Soviet Rust Bucket”?

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Police do have this technology, but it is not widely available.
Russian have demonstrated their abilty to control some weather. They admit to this ability.
Fog does move in that fast. Having worked in San Francisco and lived in Oakland I have seen fog so thick, you can’t see 10 feet just lift, and suddenly your vision is unlimited.
Would the Russians do this? This was a trip almost designed to embarass the Russians. Survivors of Russian aggression, and familys of people killed by Russia, visit the site, with lots of Polish Government officials. They don’t like to be embarassed.
Did they do it? I doubt it. This increases the newsworthiness of the prior event. There really is no evidence this is anything but pilot error.

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Not really, no….. this does have the feel of abit of Russian-bashing to it. Would anyone be crying ‘conspiracy’ if this happened on British soil, or American soil…. unlikely. & besides, there’s no-way the Russians would do this during a visit to comemorate the massacre of Polish Army Officers by the Red Army…. no-one is that stupid, especially Vladamir Putin.

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Would anyone be crying ‘conspiracy’ if this happened on British soil, or American soil

No, they would be too busy wondering how the hell the plane made it so far before crashing.

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How is this for a crazy theory: Shit happens!

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@DarkScribe Hahahahaha…..... cheeky!

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To those above who have said rediculous things like “If this had happened on US soil” nobody would be crying conspiracy. Get real. C’mon. Admit it…for a while there it seemed like 3 out of every 10 people were speculating on whether the US government had been involved in knowing about and doing nothing to stop or intentionally creating the events of 9/11.

Fog is no reason for a plane of this sort to crash. Planes of this sort are capable of landing “blind”. In these conditions, a pilot would land the plane based on an interchange of data between the tower and onboard computers that establish the final flight path. Likely, the pilot entered the wrong final descent headings and overshot the runway. Likely, the pilot error was to depend on the technology to do the thinking for him.

No Russian conspiracy exists.

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