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Why only three questions a day?

Asked by casron (37points) April 11th, 2010

Why is there a limit? Why do I keep having to “edit” my question?

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So you dont spam the crap out of fluther…..

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Welcome to Fluther !!

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Because sometimes the moderators are heavy handed depending upon who is on duty. The guidelines specifically state that they will be more lenient with new users questions, but apparently that’s not the case with whoever is on duty now.

Don’t fret, I just started my Sunday morning off with a moderation too. Luck of the draw with who’s on duty, the mood they’re in. Very inconsistent.

I’m sure this answer will get modded as well because it will be perceived as an attack. Too bad. It’s just the truth, as I see it.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies what attack isnt the truth as one sees it?

“You’re a bitch!”
“Look im sorry, but thats just the truth how i see it….”

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I will always do what I can to protect your right to express your opinion. All opinions are worthy of being heard. But in those that are heard, some will stand, and some will fall. It depends upon what support there is to back up an opinion. Opinions based upon personal ego or threat will usually fall. Opinions based upon facts and evidence will usually stand.

It can be accomplished without name calling. And without the name calling, one has no reason to become offended. Being offended is no reason to claim being attacked.

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Because two isn’t enough.

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And ^you^ are too much.

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And some folks end up frantically asking and not paying any attention to the answers of their earlier questions.

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It is so they can keep you here forever.

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It is in order to keep the quality of the questions high. You should read the Guidelines for help in formulating questions and in avoiding moderation.

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Yeah, there was one person at AB that used to post hundreds of “cookie-cutter” questions a day, and then there were the spammers trying to get you to their pirate warez site or enlarge your penis.

I like Fluther since that stuff doesn’t happen here.

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Most of the rules here are a reaction to abuses that have occurred on other sites. The restriction on number of questions is to prevent people from flooding the site with hundreds of inane questions, intended only as a cover for recieving and awarding points, This is also why there are restrictions on lurve being added to your official score. The moderators are policing the quality of questions, also as a means of preventing Fluther from sinking into the mud as so many other Q&A sites have.

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It’s actually a limit of three per 12 hours.

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Since you have a limited quantity, it forces you be be economical with your questions.
If “What time is it?” gets censored, then you’re already down a question for the day.
It’s a means of quality control and I like it.

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Good, interesting questions that make people think seem to be somewhat difficult to ask. People don’t just throw out any question here to see what sticks. Well, maybe we do, but most people don’t like those kinds of questions.

The idea is to add enough detail to make it very clear what you are looking for. You can’t have just one line questions. There are also a bunch of rules about other forbidden questions. The one that trips me up the most is about “poll type” questions. There is no good definition of poll here. Every question that asks for an opinion is, technically speaking, a poll question. But somewhere in every mod’s head is some kind of switch and when a question gets too polly, a little light goes off behind their eyes and smoke comes out their ears, and they slam that sucker off to lala land. Then they sit back like a satisfied cat, purring and licking their fur, happy that they have yet again struck a blow for truth, fluther and the American way.

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@wundayatta Interesting insight. Similar to escapedone7’s comments on this thead.

“I don’t understand Fluther’s guidelines. Isn’t this a poll question? So why are other poll questions moderated? I love poll questions. I wish more were allowed. But this is inconsistent, is it not?”

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