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Found my cat eating coffee grinds this morning took a few bites of it,,will this harm her?

Asked by angellie54 (3points) April 11th, 2010

my siamese cat,,was on my cupboard and i had coffee grinds for compost saw her take bites of it,,,am worried it will hurt her ,,she is 14 years old…

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You might want to call your vet and ask. I’ve read about using coffee grounds as cat repellant in the garden, so there’s a chance that they may be toxic.

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..i will certainly keep an eye on her,,,vet s closed on sunday s here,,unless it is an emergency…tyvm

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looks like it could be not so good…

I’m not really sure what the recommended course of action would be other than to contact your vet (some have emergency numbers on their answering service) maybe let her out to eat grass (if that’s normal for her) that might get her to throw up, but again I’m not a vet so don’t do that if you don’t think it’s right. If the coffee grounds were already used they should be less potent.

Read up a bit on those sites, they may have links on the safest way to manage the situation.

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I found my cat eating ground up shrooms and he made it through the trip… I’m sure yours will be fine.

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If she lights up a cigarette and keeps asking for more coffee then you have a real problem on your hands.

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Keep on eye on the cat for a bit. Cats are usually pretty good about not eating things that make them sick.

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It won’t harm her, but she may be hitting all four walls for awhile! : D

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I would worry more if it were a dog. Cats generally don’t eat that which is bad for them. M&Ms would be the exception.

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