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Looking for a summer job.

Asked by TexasDude (25244points) April 12th, 2010

Greetings, everyone. I am currently looking for a summer job to keep me occupied and to provide me with some extra cash when I’m out of school. My local economy sucks and I haven’t had much luck finding places that are hiring nearby by doing a physical, in person search- even for part time jobs. My question for you, fellow flutherites, is this: Are there any legitimate websites where I can apply for various jobs online? Retail is preferable. Also is this website legitimate?

Thanks in advance, and please keep the tomfoolery to a minimum.

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No joke, alligator wrangling.

If you have a good arm and are careful not to lose it, you can literally make as much as a good lawyer…except it is much, much more alligator related.

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@ChaosCross, I would actually do that.

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The company is Dominion Enterprises. They own a number of employment sites, and don’t seem to be any obvious complaints about them. They’re pretty up front about their management, and contacting their management team.

Have you tried your college placement services?

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@PandoraBoxx, thanks for the info. I’m more looking for a temporary summer job. My school’s placement services mainly concentrate on unpaid internships and serious, full-time work that one would be expected to do after graduating.

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Have you checked Craigslist? It works for me. If you’re looking for retail, I would just print out resumes and go door to door to companies you’d like to work for and ask if they are hiring in person. Retail/temp/seasonal/jobs with high turnover are often not advertised as people just walk in and inquire and hiring is ongoing on a rolling basis. At least in my experience.

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@lilikoi, I’ve tried Craigslist. There is some stuff on there, but not much. Thanks for the tips though.

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Where are you and what can you do? Serious.

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I can imagine jobs are scarce there,Fiddle. I’m sure you’ve already checked on jobs there at the school. Any chance of you going “home” (wherever that is) for the summer and working there?

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@susanc, I live in east Tennessee and I have retail experience. I know computers well, although I have no official certification, and I can paint, mow, haul stuff, and do other more labor-based things without complaint.

@thriftymaid, home is actually just 40 minutes away from school, so the economic situation there is pretty much the same.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Try getting on a crew with a lawn service. They get very busy during the summertime.

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@thriftymaid, that’s definitely an option I’m considering. I like working outside, and I think labor of that nature is fun. Every opening has required previous experience with lawn care though. I’m gonna keep looking though.

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Wait, you have no previous experience? Sounds like that’s not quite true.
Old people are your target population: people who know what they want done and how they want it done, own the tools
– and are easily tired. Put an ad on craigslist: “Will follow your instructions. Can mow, can haul things, have muscle, have enthusiasm, am a good guy.” I’d call. But I’m too far away.

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@susanc, well, I have no official experience. What you have suggested is a good idea though. I’m going to go put up an ad now. Thank you :-)

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My daughter has applied for cruise ships. She did it online and has a callback.

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@faye, that would be really cool, but I have a lot of family obligations that I wouldn’t be able to neglect to work on a cruise ship. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard You’ll find something. Luck to ya.

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dollywood…..ride operator….or fiddler.

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@thriftymaid thank you kindly :)

@jazmina88, they actually just opened up this neat Titanic-themed museum theme about 45 minutes away from my house. I like dressing up in period costumes and speaking in a faux turn of the century British accent, so I’m applying there.

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Pool cleaner or pool supply sales.

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@YARNLADY, that’s an idea. Thank you.

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Gulf Clean up!
this DC craigslist posting is up re oil spill cleanup
and this contact is listed in post
Analytical Consulting Group, LLC at

Pay $20/hr plus room and board
think it is 3-month contract

and you are doing good

re your job website. I suspect is no more honest or dishonest than most. Every one of those things is someone trying to woo a lot of employers to list and a lot of job seekers to list and make money over matching up. Just depends if they have attracted enough employers for it to be of value [and employers want to know if it has attracted enough job seekers — some of these are startups with almost nobody in their stables]

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