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What movie/tv/book character should I dress up as?

Asked by mrdh (501points) April 13th, 2010

I need to dress up as an iconic fictional character, but I haven’t got enough time to buy a costume. Any ideas?

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Adam !
All you’ll need is a fig leaf.

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H.r puffin stuff. remember him?

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The invisible man

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Boris Becker: shorts, wig (or shaved head), t-shirt and tennis racket.

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Bathrobe, pajama bottoms, towel.
Hello Arthur Dent from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

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@filmfann noice :-)
just add sandles or slippers

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Loin cloth and a sword will get you Conan. Bleach your hair white for Elric.

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Borrow grandma’s clothes & an old wig, hey presto Norman Bates.Not forgetting a good sized kitchen knife to finish it off nicely.

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Will the Arthur Dent thing work if I have long hair? (I’m female)

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Lady Godiva !

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@ucme…. yaaaa thats a good one. good thinking.

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Lady gaga. you cant mess that one up.

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You could dress as a porn star. You wouldn’t need to worry then!

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@Dibley Bahahha! Good one :)

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Huck Finn. Jeans and a T shirt! maybe a stick with a satchel tied to the end.

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