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Where do Parisian restaurant chefs shop for food?

Asked by beachwriter (360points) April 14th, 2010

I’ve heard there is at least one giant, exclusive market where you need to have credentials to shop. Chefs buy their daily fresh list starting in the middle of the night. Does anyone know the name and location of this market? thanks!

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Not many Chefs will be out in the middle of the night shopping – most don’t finish work until the middle of the night. They might appoint someone to cover those duties, but as for a market where you need credentials to shop, that is unlikely. It does happen with wholesalers, but not fresh food markets. I will often go to the weekend fish and produce markets at around sunrise – but I don’t see any well known chefs shopping there. Often see the owners of small cafes though – “Mom & Pop” type eateries.

Stall holders at markets are not going to limit their income by only selling to chefs or restaurant owners. It would be financial suicide.

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Les Halles is gone.

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I think there’s a wholesale market in Rungis… I will ask google! Thanks!

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The local Bodega !!

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Google found this:…good info, but it doesn’t say if this is open to the general publish or professionals only.

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@Les Halles is gone.

Now there is a name that brings back memories. It is looong gone. Late sixties or early seventies I seem to recall. Back when Fran├žoise Hardy was still racking up hits.

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I did read an article recently about someone shopping in Paris with a chef at a market – Rungis rings a faint bell. (Pause for googling, too.)

Bingo: Rungis it is. And, as the article says, you do need a card to enter; it is not open to the general public.

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In Lyon, Paul Bocuse has a very fancy market near part dieux.

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That is in the center of gastronomy mind you.

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At the Parisian restaurant chefs shop of course!

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