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Is a TVS Apache Motorcycle street legal in the United States?

Asked by Dan_DeColumna (2425points) April 14th, 2010

TVS Motor Company makes a bike called the TVS Apache RTR 160. The reason I am interested in it is that it appears to be a street legal bike that gets 110 mpg city and 150 mpg highway. The only problem is that the bike is sold in India and I don’t want to shell out the cash to have it imported only to find out that I can’t register it as a legal street bike. All of the bike’s specs can be found in the included links. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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From their own web site you can see the bike has a carbureted 160 cc engine producing only 15.2 hp.
There are plenty of small bikes around with similar specs that meet safety and emission standards. Buy a used Honda 150, try it for a year and see if you feel safe riding with only 15 hp between your legs. It takes a lot of balls to ride a bike with such a small engine. (50 hp is my cutoff for the road.)

Psst! Don’t tell anyone, but the guys with the biggest, loudest bikes have the smallest units.

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