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How can I create a creative outside work space?

Asked by zookeeny (880points) April 15th, 2010

I am renting a very small flat. I have a tiny covered porch and small patio. I cant build too much (maybe temp fencing or similar). I want to be able to sit outside and paint or read without the neighbours who look directly onto my back porch reading over my shoulder. I am thinking of trellis or something but if you have any interesting ideas to create a nice outside work area where I can work even in the winter and rain then I would love to develop a more interesting idea then trellis.

Are there any websites you know of which would be good to look at. Most that I have found are for building a room outside. I am not able to build anything as I am on a budget but also Im renting.

Thanks :)

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Is there any way you could post (link us to) a picture of the area? That might really help us in coming up with ideas for you.

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Any kind of wooden fence or trellis would work. Also, you can make a barrier with plants. A fabric roll shade can create a wall that’s pleasant and airy, or you could just buy bamboo shades to create your workspace. I like the idea of fabric better myself because they can be taken down and washed. I’ve made several; PM me if you want instructions. Whatever you use will get dirty.

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I’ve had to do this several times with tiny bachelor officers quarters. I’ve used everything from split bamboo blinds to opague shower curtains. I attached lead fishing weights at the bottom to minimize their being blown around. These can be rolled up and stuffed in a car trunk when it comes time to move.

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They make gazebo style canopies with side flaps that will keep the elements out and a propane heater will keep you warm and you can take these with you when you decide to move.

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I have used roll shades and hung curtains on my porch. I use them for shade as well as privacy.

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The shower curtain thing sounds awesome! Plastic shower curtains come in so many nifty colours and designs now, too! and they’re inexpensive.

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Old fabric camouflage netting from WWII could be fun but probably hard to get.

Failing that, what about simple IKEA bamboo or reed curtains hanging from the roofed section for a privacy corner

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I love lattice panels. You can buy hooks to hang things from and they are lovely.

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These are great ideas. A little while has passed since I looked up this site and in the mean time I have put up trellis either end and that gives it a strong clear boundary. Hanging in the main open front I have 2 bamboo blinds which I have hung bells and funky decoration etc of them and it looks good. I want to add some furniture but need to work out where the main rain is coming in still. I also want to put some colourful plants but winter is coming and its probably not the time to be doing gardening and hoping for bright flowering plants! Any other ideas are still welcome as I am gradually building it up as ideas come. I am going to put up a shoer curtain where the rain is still coming in I think so thanks for that suggestion. I can tell when others have been in similar situations as they mention ease of taking it all with me to the next place – arrrr the story of my life! Thanks for the ideas everyone :)

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@YARNLADY Normally I think of lattice as boring, but the site you provided has me inspired me to reconsider it! Thanks.

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