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How do I tell him I like him?

Asked by crazy_twilight_chick (200points) April 15th, 2010

I like a guy and I want to tell him but I don’t know how. However, there’s catch…he likes my best friend but my best friend doesn’t like him. What should I do? and What should I tell him without our friendship becoming awkward?

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Just continue to be his friend.
Does your friend know you are interested in him? If she does, then perhaps she can let this guy know her feelings, then things could perhaps move on with this guy and yourself, if he is interested in you.

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If you feel that strongly, just tell him straight out. Many guys are like me and can’t understand subtle “signals”. Otherwise, just forget about it.

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Does your best friend know that you like him? Tell her and have her let him know subtly that she doesn’t like him.

Then make yourself avaialble around this guy. Maybe ask him to go have coffee or something.

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Short words. Smiles. A kiss would do.

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Sounds like a problem waiting to happen. Forget him and take your friend to the movies.

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does your best friend know that he likes her/him. Does your friend know you like him? Give him a couple hints, he’ll catch on..

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@mollypop51797 I’ve been hinting for I don’t know how long & he still hasn’t caught on. It’s really starting to bug me.

@everyone else: my best friend does know I like him & no she
doesn’t like him back.

I’m starting to get really confused.


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@crazy_twilight_chick look, you need to find a natural time when you’re alone with him (don’t try to manufacture something). At an appropriate time—which would be about the time you expect to leave for reasons of your own anyway—take his hand, look into his face, and just give him a kiss and a warm, friendly and hopeful smile.

Then turn and leave, and just let him think and decide what he should do.

The next time you see him—you act as if nothing has happened. The ball is squarely in his court. He can talk about the kiss, ask you what you had in mind, complain, or ignore it as well. (And that might hurt your feelings, but you have to swallow that, if so. Him saying nothing at all would be… what he wants to say.)

He might even kiss you.

If the friendship is a good one but that’s all he wants, then nothing will happen. If he flakes out and avoids you or breaks up the friendship because of your well-meant kiss, then it wasn’t much of a friendship to begin with. And if he kisses you… well… get back to us someday, okay?

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Ok so now my best friend tells me that he might ask me go to his ROTC banquet with him but I don’t believe her because he’s been hinting that he still likes her.

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We aren’t even friends anymore. I told him & he threw it in my face that he liked my bestfriend. Then he told me not to talk to him.

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