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How does the iPhone battery life compare to other smart phones?

Asked by robhubbs (41points) March 10th, 2008 from iPhone

I feel that with fairly periodic use, it runs low before the end of the day.

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Mine lasts 6–8 hours with heavy usage. Can’t say much for light usage… Never happens. But you will find lots of responses at, in the iPhone forum. Ask on Fluther and we’ll direct your question!

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AFAIK, and from my own experiences, it lasts longer than other smartphones. Friends of mine use Qs, BlackJacks, and BlackBerries, and I can usually squeeze out more battery life then them by about a day. I get about 2 1/2 days charge out of mine, which consists of light-medium use of EDGE/WiFi web surfing, mail checking, iPod playing, and phone talking. Heavy use: I have to charge it at the end of the day.

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I charge mine every night, although it rarely needs it. I use it constantly though, so I’m actually quite surprised it hasn’t died on me part way through a day. Considering all I use it for, Id have to say the battery life is excellent – but we always want more, right?
One thing to watch for though, I’d you have a jailbroken phone, is that so third party apps really kill the battery. I was using one (findme) that was clobbering my battery performance (iFob is another to watch). So turn any such nonesense off. Also turn off Bluetooth if you are not using it. And WiFi, if you can bare it. They will dramatically improve battery life if off.

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Indeed, in augmenting Maverick’s response, my phone was previously jailbroken, and if you’re running any type of SSH client (be it OpenSSH or whatever), your battery life is going to get flogged. Find an app to toggle that stuff on and off, like iToggle.

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Actually wifi is more battery friendly than edge when the “auto join” is turned off.

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Thanks for all of your answers!

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my blackjack lasted a bit longer, and my wifes blackjack 2 lasts longer. but at work i have my dock so i listen to music and have it charging all day, so it never drains the my battery life on the iphone is great!

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I’m surprised, I guess I really am the only one who’s iPhone battery life is actually very close to what Steve said. I have more than a week if I don’t use it much. I have about half a week of regular usage (Calls and Internet), and about 2 days of high usage If I’m bored and use it as if it were a computer. It’s a pretty good battery.

Oh and did anyone else fully drain the battery completely when you got it then recharged it fully for 24 hours? Just wondering.

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