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Can a Christian Donate Blood?

Asked by bstar3 (182points) April 15th, 2010

My guess is yes, cause it’s an act of saving lives. But donating blood for MONEY, wouldn’t that be a sin? Cause you’re not actually donating to save more lives, you’re like actually ‘selling’ your blood for money. Is that right or wrong?

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You can not DONATE anything for mony, because donate means giving up possesions or services for free. Thus anser your question my guess is yes.

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I don’t see why not.

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Define Christian.

Good luck.

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If your profiteering than it isn’t a donation & not Christ-like. Do it for free from your heart and in between you and God, don’t announce your charity.

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Selling blood also shouldn’t be an issue. People will buy it to make sure there is a supply. You’ll be saving lives either way.

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AND the only place that I know of were you can SELL your blood is the black market.

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1) If you donate your blood at a legitimate blood bank, you don’t get money for it. You get some juice and sweets, but that’s it.
2) Even if you DID get money for it. Where does the bible define “trading your blood for someone else’s money” as a sin? Christians sell all sorts of products. Is it sinful because it came from your own body?

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Not if they are a Christian Scientist.

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Unless it is a matter of life and death, a desperate situation like that, it is better not to.

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@flo What?!?

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Isn’t that what Jesus did at the last supper? “This is my body”, “this is my blood” etc. What could be more Christian than what the man himself did?

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No, the needle mysteriously bends and breaks whenever you try to inject it into a Christian’s skin.

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@bstar3…..huh? Surely you’re not serious!

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It is legal in about 20 states to sell your plasma or blood. Each state that does allow it has different rules regarding the sale of blood/plasma.

But if you are selling it you are not donating it. Donating something means you expect no significant reimbursement.

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Um, donating is fine. Selling is fine. Prostitution is not fine, but blood donations are. Do you see how donating blood is not immoral?

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@BabylonFree, how about working for wages? Isn’t that profiteering too? Shouldn’t you work free just out of altruism? Or would you call that slavery?

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I am surprised anyone thinks it’s illegal or immoral. That has been my plan for a fall-back last-chance money-maker if I fall on hard times.

I better check to see if it’s legal around here.

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My girlfriend and I had a discussing on this, I asked her would she donate blood for money if she needed money. She said yeah, she would but not for the money, for helping out the people who needs it more then her.

That’s right though, but would giving out/selling/donating or whatever your own blood for money, just because you need some money. Your not selling it to save lives, you just need money. Wouldn’t that be wrong? Even though it’s legal?

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How is it wrong? It could potentially save a life. Yes, it would be great if she was altruistic enough to donate merely because someone may need it, but the end result is the same.

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@syz I agree. Whether or not you get paid for it is beside the point. Blood is blood. It all saves lives.

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You have no attention for donating the blood for saving/helping people, just using your own blood to get money.

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@bstar3 Ultimately the only one that can determine if it is right or wrong is you. For me it is not wrong. You will have to seach your psyche and determine if it is wrong for you or not.

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@bstar3 If your only interest is money, then that’s immoral as that’s called coveting what your neighbor has.

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Even if you’re selling blood with a profit motive, what’s to keep a Christian from doing it? Do they not work for money like everyone else? Remember, some Christians believe that God wants you to be rich.

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I’m still trying to figure out the connection between donating/not donating blood and Christianity.

There are only two particular denominations that have prohibitions against blood either giving or receiving.

If you are not a member of either of those groups (and you have given no indication that you are) you might as well ask if it’s ok to be an atheist and donate blood.

Both questions are equally illogical. One has nothing to do with the other. Mainstream (majority) Christianity has no policy on the matter and afaik neither does atheism.

It’s an illogical question which doesn’t really have a clear cut answer because there is no policy covering it. Mainstream Christianity is silent upon the matter so how could there be a definitive answer?

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It should be no surprise that there is conflict between Christian faiths on this subject. Just like divorce, homosexuality, and every fucking thing else.
I am Christian, and I used to donate regularly. (I don’t now because of medicine I take).

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@WestRiverrat I disagree. If donating blood can save lives then it’s right, if not donating blod can endanger lives (which it can if there is a shortage) then it is wrong. Donating blood is the right thing to do.

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@Cartman in the detail @bstar mentions ”...for money”.

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Since when has selling something been a sin? You can sell your toe if you want to…or your paw..:)

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Sure, don’t you know there are those who only want to receive Christian blood.

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It is illegal to sell organs right? For a good reason too. Whether it is a sin or not, that is not my area.

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Christians CAN donate blood.

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What are you basing this on? Is there a person who told you this, did you read about it somewhere or did the question come to you? I don’t think we are really answering the ‘real’ question here. Do you mean more ‘Can christians sell parts of their bodies’ or ‘Can christians sell things for personal profit even if they are seen as ‘God’s Temple’”?

I feel I need some elaboration from you before I can answer.

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Yes. And it’s not a sin. If you can afford it, don’t take money for it. Donate blood for free.

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The word “donate” in the main part of the question is misleading people. “Is selling blood a sin according to Christianity?” I don’t know.

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