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Numbness after cortisone injections normal?

Asked by swifflexx3 (66points) April 15th, 2010

I got a cortisone shot in my foot this afternoon for fasciitis and they numbed my foot.
About 5 hours later and my foot is still numb.
Is that normal?
If so when should this be wearing off?

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I have had them in my shoulder and I don’t recall it being numb that long.I’d call the doc and ask.

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that may not work at 11 at night… lol

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Numbness is normal after injections I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Local anesthetics clear at different rates for different people. My shoulder would be numb for several days after the local was used to pull out shrapnel, The surgeon explained that it depends on how well vascularized the area is. Best check with your doctor though.

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It’ll wear off eventually.

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