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Have you ever liked/dated someone only to find out later on that he/she is gay?

Asked by lostinyoureyes (1118points) April 17th, 2010

If so, how’d the situation go down?

I did once. I knew something was off, so I let it go… found out years later that he’s got a boyfriend.

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Oh – it was very sad. I had such a crush on the guy (this was in high school.) I screwed up my courage and asked him to the Junior prom, and he – a senior – turned me down. I cried for two days. Some years later, I found out he was gay and now he and his partner are good friends of mine.

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No. But a friend of mine has. And he told me that his ex. girlfriend really fancied my girlfriend at the time..

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Not hardly. That I can spot.

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I knew of and accepted my ladys bisexuality from the very begining. It was never an issue with us, she simply had two partners.Her female partner and I became very close friends.

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When I was a senior in high school, one of my boyfriends was gay. He came out to me after we graduated. We were still friends.

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I never dated any gay guys, but I did go to the prom with one. But I knew he was gay and we got along well. I suspect my little sister married a gay man. But I hope to hell I am wrong.

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Not that I know of. But I did date this one guy I kind of felt he may have been in denial. Never knew what became of him but my guess is he either figured it out or lives miserably.

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Yes, in high school. It was the most relaxing dating! I wondered but he was one of the popular guys so I hung around. But then I got horny!! He came out a couple of years later and, sadly, his mate died from AIDS. Years later while I was taking care of his mom in the hospital, he OD’d on her morphine at her house.

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Yes. She moved in with her girlfriend in Seattle soon after breaking up with me. But it was an amicable break-up and 30 years later we’re still friends.

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I had a friend that ended up dating 5(?) women that turned out to be either bisexual or lesbians. He actually had a t-shirt made that said, “I dated 5 lesbians”.

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My first girlfriend found out years after we went out that 8–10 of her ex bf’s (not including me) had gone gay. She took it as a personal victory, though I am not sure why.

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Nope, always knew they had “The Gay” in them :)

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I guess I scared the guy so bad, that he turned gay. There was something telling me that he was different. But I guess he was trying to convice himself that he was stright. But what I can say it was a very interesting relationship, until he started doing drugs.

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My first boyfriend and I dated for almost a year when I was a freshman and sophomore in high school. It completely lacked any physical connection—we kissed twice in all that time—but we were best friends and really cared about each other so that wasn’t important. He dumped me abruptly with no explanation a week before a major dance at my school. (He was supposed to be my date.) We basically stopped speaking to each other all together. A few years later, he contacted me to apologize for the way he’d broken up with me. I’d been his sort of last ditch effort to ward off the feelings he was having for a friend and he hadn’t known how to tell me. It was nice of him to apologize, though honestly, I’d always suspected.

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Only back in the days when gay was related to happiness and not sexual orientation.

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Yes, once in college. I really thought that I wasn’t “classy” or attractive enough for this guy and assumed that was why he never followed through with a physical relationship. He was a great dancer, very intelligent, well dressed, sarcastic sense of humor – all stuff I like. Even let me cry on him when my grandma died. (He was wearing a white sweater and didn’t care about the mascara I got on it.) Anyway, several years post college I found out that he was gay, but dated girls because of the huge intolerance towards gays and lesbians at our school at the time. I felt bad for him when I heard that. And a bit better for me that it wasn’t about me!

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