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Any Sufjan Stevens fans out there?

Asked by dvchuck (230points) March 10th, 2008 from iPhone

I just discovered Sufjan Stevens What are hour your favorite CD’s or songs he has written?

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Greetings From Michigan ~ fav song is The Upper Peninsula

illinoise ~fav song is Jacksonville

Seven Swans ~fav song is Seven Swans

Seven Swans is my favorite album hands down! I also have his Christmas album…

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definitely a sufjan fan. how did you discover him and his music?

my “favorites” of his music varies on my mood. but i just have to say i’m in love with all of his creations. i’ve got every album produced by asthmatic kitty records and a couple live/side-b albums [:
if you’re wondering what albums to get i’d say just grab whatever you find, i’m sure you’ll love them all. with (maybe) exception to Enjoy Your Rabbit which is definitely a (crap i can’t find the word i want to use) different sound than his others. mostly electronic.

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I’d say start off with Illinoise… Great album that has all types of tunes.

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Born in Michigan, I am. Can’t help but know!

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I like him, favorite song is Casmir Pulaski Day

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Illinoise is amazing.
My favorite songs of his are:
Casimir Pulaski Day
Chicago – depending on my mood
To Be Alone With You
The Tallest Man, The Broadest Shoulders

I will think of more later.

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I love every one of his songs… his creativity blows my mind. You might also want to check out other artists who are signed onto his label, Asthmatic Kitty. I couldn’t get enough of Sufjan so I decided to check out other AK artists such as Roman Bolks and Jai Agnish and I was very impressed!

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He’s a genius: multifaceted, extremely talented, creative and innovative. I admire and enjoy all his recordings and regret that I was too ill to attend his last live performance here in L.A. I hope to catch him on his next visit. He is a truly amazing artist.

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yeah dude! He’s amazing! My favorite songs of his are “casmir Pulaski day”, “for the widows in paradise”, “all the trees”,” kill”, and “majestys snowbird.”

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I didn’t realize he was so big… concerts in L.A.? I just got some of his CD’s from a friend a couple years ago…and I’ve never been one to really follow an artist and their doings so I didn’t know his fanbase grew.

He was just a hometown singer imo. Wow.

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A great xmas present is his collection of christmas songs that he recorded for friends and family.

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