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Do you answer your phone without checking caller ID?

Asked by filmfann (48077points) April 18th, 2010

3:45 am. My phone rings, and I answer. Work needs me to come in and deal with an outage. I am on a list of 15 workers in my area who can fix this, and my name is in the middle of the list, which means 7 or 8 people were called first, and didn’t answer the phone.
I have noticed my kids always check the caller ID before answering, and often brush off the call. I never do this, and always answer the phone.
Do you do this? Do you often regret answering?

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It depends if there is someone I really don’t feel like talking to at the time. I also check for odd numbers as that usually means that it is a telemarketer.

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When it comes to giving out salary promotions or higher job positions, the organization you work for will be considering who has been a committed worker and never let us (the organization) down. That’s when they think of you. Don’t brush it off & don’t regret, it pays off eventually. Infact, you always have to pick up the phone. You never know who might be calling or from where. What if it is an emergency other then work related and the number is just unfamiliar?

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All I have is a cell so I can’t answer the phone without seeing who the caller is. Wonderful.

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I answer a lot of the time without checking the caller ID. I rarely screen my calls. I however do ignore the phone ringing if I don’t feel like talking or don’t want to bother running for the phone (not at work, at work I would always answer the phone) I have no idea who is calling when I simply don’t bother to run for the phone.

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Same as @tinyfaery.

Also, Comcast shows who is calling if the tv is on…makes it easy to ignore people.

I will say though, I’d probably always answer the phone in the middle of the night because no one would call me unless it were an emergency.

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Having numbers display large enough for me to read was what sealed the deal in my decision to get an iPhone.

On my previous one and all the other models on display in the ATT store, the caller ID numbers were totally impossible to see without my reading glasses.

Now I’m a happy camper. If it’s an unfamiliar number it’s not getting answered. If its not a telemarketer and someone unfamiliar needs to contact me, they can certainly leave me a message.

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No. I ALWAYS check the ID number. That’s what we got it for. To see who’s calling before we answer.

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Don’t waste your money on caller I.D.. We just use our message phone set on 2 rings. If the call is important they will leave a message. Yea that’s call screening so what? I’m tiered of people asking me for money or trying to sell me something that I don’t want or need.

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Yeah, I usually check caller ID. The only time I can think of when I don’t is when it’s the last ring and I’m racing to ever get to the phone. In that case, I just pick it up in a frenzy. If I look at the caller ID and it’s someone I don’t really care to talk to at the time, then I’ll let my voice mail get it and call them back later. As is the case with a lot of my friends, if I don’t answer their call, then they text me. (P.S. – I rarely don’t answer the phone.)

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I answer every phone call 100% of the time (unless I am already occupied). I do however block callers who block their caller-id which forces them to call back with an unblocked number. I feel that blocking these calls cuts down on marketing, etc but prevents no actual humans from reaching me. I am the opposite of someone who screens their calls. I do not have voice-mail.

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I always look, even on the rare occasion that the phone rings very late at night. Those calls are almost always work related for my husband. I don’t answer numbers that I don’t recognize on unless they say “cellular call” or if they come up private. Although I’ve gotten burned a couple of times with “private” being telemarketers and not my in-laws. Grrrr.

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I never answer my phone until I have checked the caller id. Ever. As far as I’m concerned caller id is one of the best inventions. Ever.

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I don’t have caller id, not worth the money to me. If it’s a bad time to answer the phone, I let the machine take a message, and reserve the right to pick up if the call is from someone I want to talk to. If it turns out to be a telemarketer, I can deal. Them, not so much.

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I did when I had it. I usually answered, though. All I think of is someone doing it to me and it sucks, so, I answered. Now, I just make an “aw man” face and a silent “f*&%” escapes my mouth when I get soemone I don’t wanna talk to.

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No I definitely do. It’s kind of hard not to but sometimes I feel a little guilty. Even family hides from each other sometimes and yet if they were at your door you’d feel like a real heel if you turned them away. But again we all have such nonstop connections you really have to just for your sanity. Years ago there was a little more space in our togetherness. Now people call at all hours and stuff like Twitter and Facebook makes it almost claustrophobic. You just have to say enough at times and pull the plug.

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I always screen my calls. It’s not exactly Caller ID, but I put any important numbers in my cell phone, so I can tell if the call is coming from one of those. It isn’t always convenient to talk to certain people at certain times.

If I don’t make it to the phone in time, I am disappointed if someone doesn’t leave a Voice Mail message, because then I frequently don’t know if I want to call them back. I guess that might be the point sometimes.

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Of course I do. I don’t answer my phone at the best of times, so I’m not just going to answer it without looking.

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I think this is why texting was invented.

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@py_sue: Why not just tell them you don’t want to talk to them and go? People call me that I don’t want to talk to and I tell them I’m not interested. You can even tell your mother: “Mom, I have ### minutes per week to talk to you.” I think most people respect that more than you ignoring their calls.

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Mature people understand that, just because it’s a good time for them to call, it’s not always a good time for the recipient to talk.
I don’t think that is a reason to disrespect someone. I would much rather talk to someone when they aren’t distracted by other responsibilities, or annoyed while trying to placate me. Then we can both be happy about the call.

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@eden2eve I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it to sound disrespectful. I was trying to be honest about what I do when the situation arises.

@malevolentbutticklish I guess I have a hard time being short with people like that on the phone.

I wasn’t aware that it came across that way and I thank you both for the info. I’ll try to keep that in mind in the future. Thanks a bunch. :)

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@py_sue I think it is great that you are willing to rethink the whole phone thing now that you had some feedback. I have a curiousity question. Since you dread, or maybe I should use dreaded, talking to someone when you didn’t feel like it, or when they called at an inopportune time, were you more likely to not call people yourself? Because you were afraid of bothering them, or imposing yourself on them?

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@JLeslie Yeah, I have a hard time calling people because I think that I’ve interuppted something or that I’m bothering them. That’s why I text, really.

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@py_sue My mother-in-law drives me crazy because she waits for other people to call her because she is always worried she is bothering them. So I had always kind of wondered if she is bothered when others call? She doesn’t text or use a computer. In the end I feel like everyone else has to “carry” the relationship, no real give and take. I actually think for her it is more a passive aggressive thing, or an insecurity thing?? One day I was tired of being told I haven’t called her or come by the house recently, when I am the ONLY one who does call or drop by she NEVER does, and even asked if it was some sort of cultural thing that the young ones are responsible for calling the parents? Seems there is no such rule in the family. I stopped calling her. It took about 8 months, but she called me the other day.

I think it is different than what you are talking about, becauseyou are in touch by text. Anyway, you are “projecting” onto others how you personally feel. We all do it to some extent.

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@JLeslie I do apologize to my friends, though. Saying I should call more and I have always mean it. It leaves my mind later after a conversation, maybe. I should call people more, huh? :)

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@py_sue No, I am not saying that. I really think it is different if you apologize and basically are admitting you are not keeping up your end so to speak. I have friends like that and it does not really bother me as long as they are happy to hear from me and we have a nice conversation when we talk. What irked me was my MIL was accusing me of not being a good family member when I am the only one who ever does anything to keep in touch. It was the hypocrisy, a slap in the face. I don’t get the impression you do that at all.

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