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Why doesn't anyone finish their questions with '?'?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) March 10th, 2008

Or even worse, they make a statement and then ask a question in the description.
This isn’t directed at new members either, so quit your bitching.

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Why not this┬┐

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Gotta agree with toolaura on this one…

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what question are you actually asking

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@blumukaki I understand where your coming from. I usually have really bad grammar but I always try ask my questions in the most grammatically correct way.

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15 / 26 used a ? (from the front page at 11:05 MT) I’d like to debate the validity of your question.

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Correction: Why don’t some people use ’?’?

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Because they’re lazy. It’s prolly the same crowd who TYPES LIKE THIS WHEN THEY DON’T MEAN TO.

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I ask that the lazy to change their lazy habits so that we all can enjoy Fluther without anyone being angry about the small things. And to ‘THESE’ people, I ask that they use the ‘check your work’ box before they post.

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Yes, that’s a good correction.

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I just looked at the questions I asked, and I can proudly say there is a question mark at the end of each one. I am a good girl.. YAY!! Just kidding around.. Grammar and puncuation could use some improvement.

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Its not needed. We all know its a question.

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who cares, everyone just chill out. who cares if they put a ?. they are still oubviously asknig a question. I agree with Laura047 a ? is not even neccesary. Unless your to stupid to not realize its a question.

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It isn’t like the grammar police is going to come busting down your door. But if you make an attempt to do something, you should at least do it right in the first place. Being lazy just shows one’s ineptness.

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