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if the fore fathers could see the country today what you think they would say ?

Asked by oneye36 (305points) March 10th, 2008 from iPhone
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Something racist no doubt.

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“This country was not built on Christian foundations. Stop fucking saying that.”

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“Shite! England’s our friend again? Stupid Texan.”

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“i’m not sure why exactly yon girls have gone wild, but I like it!”

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“Shit. We didn’t see this one comin…”

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“4 is foresure spelled four!”

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If they recover from the shock of the technological advances and the gross polluting of the environment they would be disturbed by the growing losses of personal freedoms, and the involvement of the federal government in matters that were to be controlled by the states, Among a myriad of other questions they might just ask: 1). Is this Bush charater really the best person this country could muster to serve as its President, and 2). inasmuch as the USA has grown into the richest and most powerful country in the world, please explain how having American sons and daughters in Iraq is required in defense of our country? Neither, of course, are simple questions and explanations hinge on opinions that are highly debatable. And, I would suspect there would be lots of sore necks from heads repeatedly shaking in disbelief!

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you would rather fight them here

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@oneye36—That’s a cop-out. We soon won’t be able to afford to fight them here if we keep trying to fight them there. No nation falls because of terrorist attacks. Nations routinely fall because they financially overextend themselves. You’d think that someone in Washington might remember a few short years ago how we defeated the Soviets. Bin-laden is doing the same thing to us.

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They would probably say, “I thought we had a revolution so that liberty would prevail and people were allowed to achieve their dreams. The country now is not much different than that which we rebelled against.”.

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