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What's the name of the flash game with a ball and lines?

Asked by andrew (16160points) April 21st, 2010

You try and bounce a ball around off various lines; each time the ball hits a line, the line disappears. What’s the name of it?

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Break-out/breaker/similar variation

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@davids It’s not breaker… the name sounds vaguely italian.

It’s not a breakout game at all.

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Is it Ink Ball?

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@all Sorry. I should be more clear. It’s not any type of breakout variant (arkanoid, etc).

Many times the ball start in the middle of the lines. The lines are at all different angles. The lines are very thin.

As you progress, there are more elements, like nodes in the lines, etc.

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Why I believe you’re looking for Taberinos!

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Yup, I think that @irondavy has it right. here is a link to the game if you need it.

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Balldroppings is rather fun. Is that it?

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@irondavy: Okay, this game is amazing.

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