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What do you think about Give Your Stuff Away Day on May 15th?

Asked by LuckyGuy (43658points) April 22nd, 2010

I think this is a great idea but don’t most people do this anyway? Give Your Stuff Away Day
We generally put good stuff by the road around spring clean up days and then browse what others have put out. It’s like a fun swap meet.
Sure, clothes go to Good Will but this is more fun and reduces waste.
Would you do it?

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This sounds like a great idea, especially if you have too much stuff! I’m gonna tell lots of people about it :D Thanks for the tip off.

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I always take clothes and household items to a mission thrift store. I put a lot of things out on the street too. I’m always surprised that it’s gone by nightfall.

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Sounds like a plan….. I normally drop my stuff off down the charity shop, but if people are prepared to come to my door to get it, so much the better!

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We (in the U.K.) have a wonderful website called freecycle, where you can post things you don’t want. It’s a big online swap-shop; you can find all sorts of things on there and you’d be surprised the kind of things that people are willing to take off your hands. It’s genius (or greenius?).

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We have Freecycle too . There is a splinter group that started to give away sealed over the counter meds too. That is against the freecycle rules.

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Oh, cool! I’m glad you have it too, it really is a marvellous idea.

Why would you give away meds? Surely you can sell them for a hefty profit.

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Nah. We’re talking over the counter stuff. The “good” stuff would put you in prison.
I find it incredible that people buy meds, decide they don’t need them and then get rid of it. Why not just keep it in your medicine cabinet? Maybe you’ll have a cold later in the year. I am too much of a cheapskate to do that. I keep them until waaay past expiration date.

By the way, I Freecycled a car 2 years ago. I could have gotten $75 from a scrap yard or give it to someone who could use it. I gave it away. My good deed for the year.

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Our town does a similar approach where they offer a free throw it all out day so most everybody puts their stuff out by the curb and it’s like a drive by free flea market. Tons of good stuff gets “recycled”.

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@worriedguy… where do you live? I have never heard of this but it sounds lke a good idea.

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Oh, over the counter stuff. Yes, I agree, I don’t get why you would give those away. In fact, I take pride in the fact that I haven’t had to buy cough medicine in three years.

Freecycled car = good deed for the next two years

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I certainly would do it. Come May 15th, I’m going to be like Nike and Just Do It.

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My dad got a grill and my mom two chairs this way

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I don’t want to give anything away, I just bought a whole new wardrobe.

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If you give it to your local thrift shop, or another charitable organization, you can get a tax deduction for it.

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Great idea, IF you do not have a criminal mind.

Two guys committed a burglary of an eletronics store overnight. several dvds and smaller flat screen tvs were taken. thier cool idea was to hide the stolen loot in their trash cans overnight and retrieve it in the morning to sell to a fence(buys stolen property). in their haste and to celebrate their crime, the two drank beer and smoked pot, after the burglary at their apartment. they tapped out really big and slept till almost noon the next day.

These idiots had forgotten that the next day was trash pickup day in their neighborhood. their trash cans were in the alley on public property. we can only assume the trashmen had a big surprise for their family that day. the loot was taken, but not by the thieves, by someone unknown. trashmen denied it. thieves were videotaped, recognized and arrested. trashmen passed polygraph and searches of their homes.

Two of the worlds Dumbest Criminals.

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I take stuff to the Salvation Army all the time anyway. Unless it looks crappy. i don’t think it’s right to say; “Here, this is too shitty for me to use, you can have it.”

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@slick44 They are hoping to get participation all over the US on May 15th. Freecycle has chapters everywhere. Just go to their site and enter your address. It’s great.

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@worriedguy… cool thanks :)

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I like the idea, but I don’t want people to know what I give away or to whom. If there was some way to anonymously pile the goods away from my residence…

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It’s better than Give Your Money Away Day on April 15th.

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We use a recognized charity for any reusable items for the tax deduction, and place the junk stuff outside our fence for the scavengers to take away. It nearly always disappears overnight.

We have charity trucks that come by at least once a month and leave bags, so we just fill the bag and leave it outside for them to pick up. The scavengers don’t touch the charity bags.

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I think it’s a good thing so that people remember to go through their stuff so it can be reused or recycled.

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I never take the tax deduction, because someone would have to sign for the stuff. That spoils the whole fun of anonymous giving.

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every town should have a Free Box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@deni I used to work in a co-op that had a free box where people could deposit or withdraw, but we were forced to stop because the city said we were violating health codes.

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wha! thats whack. every free box i’ve seen has been really well organized and not gross at all. and you find some of the best stuff!

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Sounds like a Blast ! I’d certainly go but to give stuff away? OMG We moved in Feb and we gave away ⅓ of MY stuff ! Notice I said MY stuff. Each day I think of something that was “lost ” in the move. Sure it was…..

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I read about “Give Your Stuff Away Day” on line. If people have clothes and shoes left over after the 15th. U’SAgain is a company that will help give usable clothes and shoes a new life. Please visit our website to learn more about our company and what we do.



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