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Wanna make $1,000,000? Know any psychics? Read on...

Asked by Zen_Again (9901points) April 22nd, 2010

John Edwards and the like, here’s a quick and easy million bucks, courtesy of James Randi.

Okay, I’m sounding a little cynical here. Do you believe in psychics?

Watch this first

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Damn, I thought it said physics . . . clearly I am not psychic . . .

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Until someone wins James Randi’s Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, then no. I doubt this will ever happen.

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Am I missing something here? How many people named James Randi have $1M challenges?

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@Kayak8, only one. He did threaten to stop it about a year ago, but psychics took this as a sign they had won the arguement, so he’s decided to continue with the challenge.

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I do believe we have a limited ability to interact with the subconscious and life force energy, but I am less convinced on psychic abilities as in reading spirits and such. I found the list of applicants and their so called abilities to be quite entertaining.

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I do know some very good “Guessers”....I think I will forward this to them ;)

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I don’t believe in any of the so-called psychics today.

I do think that there are people who are much better at reading people’s energy, facial expression and body language.

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Why is it that every psychic I’ve ever seen is not exactly wealthy? A psychic worth his/her salt should make a killing on the stock market, and be wealthier than Bill Gates.

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Yes, I do believe that some people are psychic but I do not believe that people who are big stars are actually psychic. Look at John Edwards. You have to be on his show for him to talk to dead people for you. When purchasing tickets, you have to use a credit card, presumably. that number and a name can lead to a fountain of information. So, the famous psychics? I don’t believe them.

Also, James Randi must be a very sad man if all he does is try to prove a specific group of people wrong.

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omg all my life’s worries are over! where do I sign up?!

totally kidding… psychics are either straight out liars or mentally ill imho

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I’ve heard of this before, and read about a gazillion of the submissions.

This guy is totally serious. He takes every single submission and studies it, eventually discrediting it with solid science.

Most of the entries are from homeopathic physicians and psychics.

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Ooooommmm… I predict psychics will protest and call him a charlatan. .

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I don’t disbelieve psychic ability. I have none but neither can I keep music in my head. It’s something I want to believe in.

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Nyet, people who claim to be psychics are all frauds. Psychic abilities do not exist. If any psychics did exist, they would have won millions of dollars in challenges by James Randi and others. They would also win all lotteries and became wealthy in the stock market. James Randi challenged Sylvia Browne, and she ignored him. She knew she could not prove she has psychic abilities.

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