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If psychics are real, why do they not play the lottery?

Asked by ragingloli (41486points) January 25th, 2014

Or bet on horse races.
Or play roulette.

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And why would they waste their time sitting on a street corner waiting for girls and women (it is rarely, if ever, men – unless forced) to come by and so they can collect 30 miserable dollars?

I don’t have the actual statistics but next time you see Madam SeeYall on a street corner take a look. The customer will be female*.

*A young and in love female. She’s in a relationship that is not quite giving her what she needs. Oh she tries to be happy but there is still still something missing. A yearning that wants to be filled. She projects a positive front but inside….

We can continue this next week if you like. I will not charge you. I know you need this information to make you happy. I never charge for my advice. My powers are a gift I want to share. You may share however much money you think your happiness worth.

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What makes you think the real psychics don’t?

I have known of some people who seem oddly lucky at various forms of gambling.

One guy, always hits big when at the casinos and has one the state lottery twice for a couple million each time. Coincidence? Dumb luck? Or, maybe, he’s a cunning psychic.

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Maybe money is not something they care about.

This is the second question about magicians/psychics that implies supernatural persons must want money. Why is it assumed that money is a motivator for everyone?

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“won” not “one”

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They don’t so that the rest of the people have a chance at it! It’s philanthropy.

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Probably because they’re not real.

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I think there is some truth in it. I have had psychic experiences. I think the problem is you get snippets. So really no one can tell you your future. I always think wtf when psychics like the one’s employed by T.V. programs to solves murders say ‘His name began with an M’. Oh crikey can’t they say the name?? Is it like a cryptic quiz? Ridiculous

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The premise incorrect. There are no psychics. No way to give a valid answer.

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But if there were psychics, they would play the lottery.

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I don’t really believe in “psychics”, per se, but I do think that all of us have some small ability to be more sensitive and open to what’s out in the universe. I myself have often thought certain things right before they happen, or have just “had a feeling”; I think most of us do.

Case in point: Thursday morning, I pulled out of my parking lot to go to work. I saw an SUV that was similar to one belonging to my friend M. M has been taking care of a mutual friend (in her house) for several months and he (“W”) has been very ill. When I saw that SUV, for some reason, I thought to myself “W is probably going to die very soon”. When I got to work, I checked my voicemail and there was a message from another friend that he had died the previous day. Coincidence? Possibly. Just knowing future behaviors from past indicators? (different situation) Sure. But it happens a lot

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If you mean if Finite Math (probability) is real, why do they not play the lottery?

Then the answer is that they not play the lottery because the odds make it pretty much impossible to win.

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Because the odds of finding gullible people willing to throw money at them for their cold reading skills is far far more lucrative than wasting money on an unpredictable lottery drawing.

They expend their time and resources where the money is; not where it’s not :)

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Because a “psychic” is a liar or a crackpot, sometimes employed in one of the various grifting arts, sometimes just dabbling in the misleading of others.

Lotteries are unpredictable, low-odds, low-stakes, high-return gambling games.

The two things have nothing to do with each other.

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