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Is Lucida Grande a universal font?

Asked by silverfly (4050points) April 22nd, 2010

There seems to be some confusion about this. I’ve seen it used several times as a web font, but I’ve also seen it break. Is this a standard web font or not?

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No, the Windows machines I use (XP, Vista, WIn 7) do not have Lucida Grande.

And they have the usual giant boatload of fonts installed with Windows and MS Office.

The Macbook here in the office DOES have it, so maybe it’s a Mac thing.

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Must be. Thanks! edit: what about a different Lucida font?

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i don’t think so – times new roman could be universal, it depends on the parties involved in the writing,

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@theveteran I think you misinterpreted the question. All computers are equipped with a small list of fonts that are viewable on the web. Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, Times New Roman, and Georgia are just a couple. As the internet grows, so does this font list. Lucida Grande is fairly common, but I wasn’t sure if it was being included in this list or not.

So yes, Times New Roman is universal, but as far as it depending on parties involved in writing… I’m not sure this makes sense as it pertains to this question. Thanks for your answer though!

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We quite often use this cascade when we want to use Lucida Grande:

* Lucida Grande
* Lucida
* Verdana
* sans-serif

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Here’s an interesting list of typefaces available per platform.

It shows, for example, that Lucida Grande is available on 100% of all Mac OS systems, as is Helvetica.

It shows also that Times New Roman is less available than some might assume. It’s on 99.37% of Windows, 94.25% of Mac OS, and only 64.76% of Linux systems (look for each occurrence separately by platform).

Unfortunately, the site cannot show a total frequency for all platforms.

As @richardhenry demonstrates, providing a graceful cascade in your CSS in important if you value typeface in your web pages. Make sure you employ a generic font (i.e. serif, sans-serif, monospace, cursive or fantasy) as the catchall in case none of your favorites are available.

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Not really universal

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@theveteran Nope, sure isn’t. Thanks @robmandu! We need more fonts!!

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