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Do people really expect to sell things on craigslist when they don't even provide a photo of the item?

Asked by brownlemur (4081points) March 11th, 2008

I don’t even bother clicking on those links. Item with photo always wins over item without photo.

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Eh, you never know. I’ve bought stuff without seeing a picture. Just make sure you have a chance to look at it before you buy. Meet in a public place, and don’t feel guilty about not buying if it turns out to not be what was claimed.

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people click on ads on the internet, so who knows?!

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why not? Some people even meet up to have sex with out seeing a photo…

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good point lightly seared

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Everything I’ve put on craigslist has sold within 24hrs – no pictures. So, apparently you are in the minority.

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But it’s not like eBay, Craigslist is designed so you can meet the seller and see the item, before buying. Like classified newspaper ads.

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