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Why do my eyes change color in the sun?

Asked by Guy123123 (302points) April 24th, 2010

I have noticed that when i am in my house with florescent lighting my eyes are brown, but when i am out in sunlight they are a really light hazel that almost shine. Why is this?

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Sunlight is a different color than fluorescent light. I get the same illusion when painting. If I am not painting in natural light the painting will be too green/blue/cool by natural light.

Because man-made light is often a warm color it makes your eyes appear to be a warmer (browner) hue. Natural daylight is a cooler light thus your eyes have a greener/bluer look in sunlight.

This article really explains the effect of different types of light better than I can. It describes how paint color looks different on walls depending on the light source.

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Mine change depending on my mood, & I’m happy in the sun.

So my eyes go from red, black, orange, or shades of yellow to shades of pink.

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@Draconess25 ? shades of pink.

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Maybe its because you have unique eyes hottie!!!:D enjoy them and show them off:):):)

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@faye Well, a rose colour. When I’m horny, they turn fuchsia!

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Shades of pink? Really?

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