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Anyone remember the song Key Largo?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) April 25th, 2010

I loved this song when it first appeared in 1982. the song made it to number 8 on The Billboard Charts. i am just curious. question: what were you doing in 1982? did this song have any effect on you and the person you were dating back then? do you still have good or bad memories from that time and the song Key Largo? would you like to share?

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I do remember it.What’s it about?? LOL
Hi ,John :))

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Morning Lucy. you really need to watch the video. its great.

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I was 12/13 that year. I was in middle school, in the church choir and crushing hard on John Taylor of Duran Duran and a boy in my class.

I remember the song, but to me, it was “adult” pop, so I only heard it in (most likely) the waiting room of my dentist’s office. I remember the receptionist always played the soft rock station.

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It was not really my style of music. It was a little too 80s—too “produced.”

In 1982, I was in the middle of my romance with the man I was going to marry the next year.

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I remember it. It came on Mom’s radio quite a bit back then. I was 10, though, so I wasn’t dating anyone and it didn’t have much of an effect on me. It does make me remember being very young.

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I was still getting over my break-up with my first wife, which happened 2 years earlier.

Hearing it made me miss the good parts of our relationship.

I really liked another song from about the same time- “Don’t You Want Me” by the Human League.

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Brian, loved that song, also.

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I was in college and dating a gal I thought I would marry and not sure if I can blame the song or not for that not working out @john65pennington. :D

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Cruiser. but, at least you remember that girl because of the song association?

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I remember it, for sure. One of my favs.

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Do you mean the one about “We had it all, just like Bogey and Bacall”?
Sorry @john65pennington no special associations there for me…

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@Trillian Yep, that’s the one. It holds no special meanings for me, either, but I can see where it could hold hurtful memories for someone.

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Trillian. maybe thats a good thing?

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@john65pennington No I remember that girl in how she dumped me for a married man! lol!

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@john65pennington indifferent, really. Though there are so many songs in my memory banks that they can’t all possibly have particular associations for me, they’re there just the same to retrieve at a moments notice to fit any occasion or situation that comes up.
So if someone were to tell me; “Yep, I had it all.” I’d snap to with;
“Just like Bogey and Bacall?”
@jbfletcherfan, hurtful how? I haven’t slept yet, so my brain is slightly muffled.

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@Trillian Because if you listen to the words & you had gone through a bad relationship, it could stab you in the heart.

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Cruiser. i think we all have been dumped at one time or another. i was engaged to this lovely girl. for no explained reason, she called off the marriage and to this day, i still do not understand why she did what she did. she never would tell me. i asked her mother and she was tight-lipped also. this still bothers me, today.

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@john65pennington Bummer, But maybe there was a good reason that saved you from a lifetime of heartache, you never know.

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jbfletcher. maybe. i was crazy about that girl and we really had a great future together. i was in the National Guard and a new police job with great benefits. maybe thats it, the police job! i never thought about that until just now.

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@john65pennington Yes, could be. Some women can’t handle that. They think the job is too risky. But you’re happy now…right?

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jbflethcer. yes maam. absolutely. maybe it all happened for a reason. destiny can sometimes plays havoc with our future. i still have to wonder why?

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Sure, I like it a lot. Actually I was in the Keys when this song was popular.

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my brother in law, who is older than my sister, loves this song. I went to hawaii with them in septemper, and he kept playing it. We made a game for his ‘oldies’ station, the person to identify the artist on the radio won. It made it tolerable for my sister and me. and that’s all I think about this song!

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Here is a link to the song.
I felt it was just a quick way to cash in on the legend of Bogart. Key Largo was a great movie, but it was hardly as romantic as it is portrayed here. It was a suspense film.

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I do remember that song. I also remember that I was a sophomore in high school in 1982. And, if memory serves me correctly, life was a lot less complicated and stressful back then.

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